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  1. The noise produced by this thing is unreal, totally useless for recording, passable in a live environment. Think about it, there's a mod out there to replace some of the junk inside with better quality electronics to get rid of the noise. why buy it if you have to mod it to work? Try the mxr 7 band instead. This pedal ruined me for Boss, last pedal I bought from them. If they hear that noise and think that's ok for a $100 pedal, I'll give my business to somebody else.
  2. I've been playing for 25yrs and used to gig alot. I'm still amazed at how this cheap guitar sounds so good and plays so well. A friend of mine had a mid-90's Vantage and it was complete garbage, no comparison at all. I think the ealry days of Vantage produced some good instruments for the money but after the 90's quality started to fail.
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