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  1. I play mainly metal so this doesn't really get much use except for in the occasional mellow part. I've been playing for 6/7 years and own Yamaha RGX121x Modified Strat (one pickup/no tone volume controls) AB10 a/b switch Watsons Distortion/eq Ibanez Delay DOD IceBox Aria Flanger Boss CS-3 Compression/Sustain Boss SD-1 Overdrive Marshall G50RCD If this pedal were lost or stolen I would definatelly consider buying another but might be swayed into spending the extra cash on a Boss one. I love it when you turn all the controls all the way up and add some distortion cause it sounds mental but I don't really like this actual push switches on DOD pedals, although they're strong they just appear to be really weak. It doen't really help me make music but when I write a song it's just the iceing on the cake.
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