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  1. I'm a long-time player who loves weird stuff, from Spike Jones to Zappa, Devo, Elliot Sharp, even Moog Cookbook. When I bought the Gonkulator, it was the only Ring Modulator I could find, besides the Digitech Space Station, which I also have. (The Space Station has a couple of Ring Modulator effects built in, but it works, and sounds somewhat different than the Gonkulator.) Now, of course, Electro-Harmonix has reissued the Frequency Analyzer (I bought one), Big Briar has issued the Moogerfooger Ring Modulator (nice but $$$), and Lovetone has issued the Ring Stinger, a combination Fuzz-Octave-Ring Modulator for the truly fried. There's also the Charlie Stringer Mold Spore, a combination Wah-Ring Modulator. The Gonkulator gives me a sick, ugly tone when I want it, which is why I got the thing. If it were lost, stolen or broken, I'd probably get another, in part because it was cheaper than any of the other Ring Modulator devices out there. The 500k whine is a pain, but the box does what I bought it for. If I couldn't find another Gonkulator, I'd love to check out the Lovetone Ring Stinger, but it's way expensive, and you have to order the damned thing from England; not exactly an impulse item. For me, the Gonkulator gets an 8, but remember, I love weird noise. If you like anarchist effects, things like the MXR Blue Box, or the Digitech Space Station, you'll probably enjoy the Gonkulator. If you want a cleaner, pseudo-synth tone, look elsewhere.
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