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  1. I've played Variaxes since 2004 and it really does everything! You can get an older one pretty cheap used and with the JT versions, you can add any number of alternate tunings at the twist of a knob. I had a guy come ask me where was my Tele after a country tune! He was astounded all the sounds were the Variax. And this one was the original guitar so it was probably 2005 or 6. If you want it to feel more acoustic then use larger string gauges. David Payton does some of the same material as I do in Atlanta and he uses his to great effect. I use mine exclusively on my backing tracks and it never fails to sound incredible! This video was a recording done last weekend off my Fishman Artist solo. Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  2. Thanks daddymack. I have had password hassles for a while but with a new browser, I hope to post more regularly. Love HC! Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  3. It really depends on the audience. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" works almost anywhere I perform it except for instrumental gigs or funerals. "Lay Down Sally" is a fine quick tempo song that most rock or country groups enjoy. "What I Like About You" works well for rock audiences even if they are under 45. Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  4. Look on craigslist and Facebook marketplace for a good amp/receiver setup. There are real bargains looking if you search them out.
  5. I've had excellent results with a Fishman Solo Artist. I wish the build quality was a bit better but it sounds excellent and is loud enough for me, my acoustic and/or electric guitar, vocals and backing tracks to be heard indoors or out for up to 100 people. I just used it direct on a video shoot and the video guys agreed it sounded excellent. It's under 30 lbs. and gets used much more often than my Turbosound IP-2000.
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