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  1. I encourage those of you who can do so to switch to AAC files from mp3. A long time friend and engineer made me aware of that almost a decade ago and they do sound much better, even on small systems. I have two different mixes for my stuff- acoustic and electric guitar. The electric guitar tracks are rendered without the lead and/or main guitars so I can solo electric guitar "live." The acoustic tunes are missing the main acoustic part which I play on my Ovation during the show. On the acoustic mixes, I ended up adding some electric guitar solos to several tunes because, inevitably, I will be playing acoustic guitar per the client's request when the gig takes a left turn and I need "Summer of 69," "Jessie's Girl," "Born To Be Wild," etc. So I definitely use two different mixes with parts missing I perform "live." I enjoy this thread and glad to hear other folks' input, too.
  2. I am using a Zoom H1 to record my shows. I use a line out of my Fishman Artist Solo or the mixer of my bigger Turbosound IP-2000 rig and it works well. Provided the output of my system isn't too hot, I can get a really accurate idea of what works and what doesn't. I've used this to fine tune my backing track mixes as well as determining the best guitar and vocal sounds. I recommend everyone do this at least from time to time. In some cases, I have even sent edited files to clients as a memento of a particularly good gig. I am sure this is in part responsible for my solo act's success. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com/solo-performer
  3. Marc, thanks for sharing this. I do recommend a different vocal mix or vocal mic setup so the voice and harmonica are louder and can be heard over the drums and guitar. A bit of sound deadening may also help the instruments overall clarity.
  4. I've been doing this since the mid 90's. I use a Mac and started with Garage Band. When I needed to slow down and speed up tempos in a song, I got Logic 8. The box sat on the floor in my studio for about six months, daring me to use it. I finally got going and thanks to online videos, it's a major part of my solo act success. You can easily do the same thing on a PC. Power Tracks Pro from PG Music is a good inexpensive DAW, or digital audio workstation, that will allow you to use all midi tracks, real audio tracks like guitar, bass, harmonica, etc or a combination of both. Cubase and Pro Tools are both PC compatible and while you can use Audacity, I would suggest Presonus Studio One 4. Lots of pro studios are abandoning Pro Tools in favor of it and it works great at a reasonable price. 20 years ago, midi files were readily had for free online and while they are still out there, you have to be a bit of a detective in order to get what you're looking for. I know Notes does a great job with his midi files for sale as do other companies. Another option is to get Band In A Box, also from pgmusic.com. I use it all the time for jazz tunes and other formats. You will need to learn about sequencing and once you begin solo shows, it's hard to go back. Use YouTube to learn more about the process, check out what Notes, David Payton and I all do. Ask questions and be prepared to spend LOTS of time on this! I also suggest watching established performers on Gigmasters/The Bash and Gig Salad to get an idea of what works for other solo performers. Good luck. Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  5. I have thought about Twitter for a while. I haven't done anything about it yet. In terms of what I would tell my younger self as a performer, I would say learn to read music earlier and be disciplined enough to do some reading every day. That and stop lifting Hammond B-3's, power distribution trunks and overloaded amp racks. It will come back to haunt you past age 50!
  6. I've played Variaxes since 2004 and it really does everything! You can get an older one pretty cheap used and with the JT versions, you can add any number of alternate tunings at the twist of a knob. I had a guy come ask me where was my Tele after a country tune! He was astounded all the sounds were the Variax. And this one was the original guitar so it was probably 2005 or 6. If you want it to feel more acoustic then use larger string gauges. David Payton does some of the same material as I do in Atlanta and he uses his to great effect. I use mine exclusively on my backing tracks and it never fails to sound incredible! This video was a recording done last weekend off my Fishman Artist solo. Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  7. Thanks daddymack. I have had password hassles for a while but with a new browser, I hope to post more regularly. Love HC! Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  8. It really depends on the audience. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" works almost anywhere I perform it except for instrumental gigs or funerals. "Lay Down Sally" is a fine quick tempo song that most rock or country groups enjoy. "What I Like About You" works well for rock audiences even if they are under 45. Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  9. Look on craigslist and Facebook marketplace for a good amp/receiver setup. There are real bargains looking if you search them out.
  10. I've had excellent results with a Fishman Solo Artist. I wish the build quality was a bit better but it sounds excellent and is loud enough for me, my acoustic and/or electric guitar, vocals and backing tracks to be heard indoors or out for up to 100 people. I just used it direct on a video shoot and the video guys agreed it sounded excellent. It's under 30 lbs. and gets used much more often than my Turbosound IP-2000.
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