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  1. I encourage those of you who can do so to switch to AAC files from mp3. A long time friend and engineer made me aware of that almost a decade ago and they do sound much better, even on small systems. I have two different mixes for my stuff- acoustic and electric guitar. The electric guitar tracks are rendered without the lead and/or main guitars so I can solo electric guitar "live." The acoustic tunes are missing the main acoustic part which I play on my Ovation during the show. On the acoustic mixes, I ended up adding some electric guitar solos to several tunes because, inevitably, I will be
  2. I am using a Zoom H1 to record my shows. I use a line out of my Fishman Artist Solo or the mixer of my bigger Turbosound IP-2000 rig and it works well. Provided the output of my system isn't too hot, I can get a really accurate idea of what works and what doesn't. I've used this to fine tune my backing track mixes as well as determining the best guitar and vocal sounds. I recommend everyone do this at least from time to time. In some cases, I have even sent edited files to clients as a memento of a particularly good gig. I am sure this is in part responsible for my solo act's success. Happy Th
  3. Marc, thanks for sharing this. I do recommend a different vocal mix or vocal mic setup so the voice and harmonica are louder and can be heard over the drums and guitar. A bit of sound deadening may also help the instruments overall clarity.
  4. I've been doing this since the mid 90's. I use a Mac and started with Garage Band. When I needed to slow down and speed up tempos in a song, I got Logic 8. The box sat on the floor in my studio for about six months, daring me to use it. I finally got going and thanks to online videos, it's a major part of my solo act success. You can easily do the same thing on a PC. Power Tracks Pro from PG Music is a good inexpensive DAW, or digital audio workstation, that will allow you to use all midi tracks, real audio tracks like guitar, bass, harmonica, etc or a combination of both. Cubase and Pro Tools
  5. I have thought about Twitter for a while. I haven't done anything about it yet. In terms of what I would tell my younger self as a performer, I would say learn to read music earlier and be disciplined enough to do some reading every day. That and stop lifting Hammond B-3's, power distribution trunks and overloaded amp racks. It will come back to haunt you past age 50!
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