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  1. Thanks daddymack. I have had password hassles for a while but with a new browser, I hope to post more regularly. Love HC! Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  2. It really depends on the audience. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" works almost anywhere I perform it except for instrumental gigs or funerals. "Lay Down Sally" is a fine quick tempo song that most rock or country groups enjoy. "What I Like About You" works well for rock audiences even if they are under 45. Riley Wilson www.guitarmadesimpler.com
  3. Look on craigslist and Facebook marketplace for a good amp/receiver setup. There are real bargains looking if you search them out.
  4. I've had excellent results with a Fishman Solo Artist. I wish the build quality was a bit better but it sounds excellent and is loud enough for me, my acoustic and/or electric guitar, vocals and backing tracks to be heard indoors or out for up to 100 people. I just used it direct on a video shoot and the video guys agreed it sounded excellent. It's under 30 lbs. and gets used much more often than my Turbosound IP-2000.
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