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  1. Plain and simple reason why I ditched this unit: I couldn't get the right tone out of it. Now maybe if I toyed with it for months and supplemented it with lots of other pieces of equipment, maybe it could have sounded good. But, I'm not about to do that, so instead I got a Mesa Formula, used for $300, that took me 15 minutes to get in tone heaven.
  2. As I've said, this thing is awesome for loading up on heavy crunch and pouring out pure metallic balls. I'd definitely get this unit again, if I could find it in good condition. I can't think of one thing about it that isn't superb, except that it's being DISCONTINUED! I had a SANsAmp PSA-1 before I traded it in for this, as I was unsatisfied with the sound from it, and I remembered really liking the Formula when I played with it a few months ago. My only beef was that it didn't have MIDI switching, but that was solved by my G-Major! The more and more Mesa stuff I hear the more I'm attrac
  3. With the time delay, you might as well not even own a controller and just take a time out while you play to change the patches on the front plate... it's that bad. But, the effects themselves don't sound to bad. I was very pleased with it until I linked into my MIDI chain and realized it was half retarded.
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