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  1. Got one. Wouldn't sell it!! Brilliant three-in-one pedal. Thanks Mason!
  2. I was originally looking for a replacement for my Mesa Boogie V-Twin dual pedal, which I decided to sell after owning it for 22 years. It had a nice, but very conventional-sounding, un-filthy overdrive/distortion which didn't suit the music I played. I think I only kept it so long out of habit. The Shoegazer is much closer to what I want and the music I like; 60s garage, psychedelic, left-field, indie-rock and shoegazing.
  3. Overall rating, 9. I've been playing for about 25 years in bands ranging from (mostly) indie, to ska to pop to bhangra! No offical Selmer servicing available, lack of treble on channel 2, and lack of some features found on modern amps mean I can't give it a 10 - but who cares when it sounds this good? If nicked, I'd really really want to replace it with another, but I don't think I'd get one for much less than £1500 given prices at the moment (I got it for an absolute bargain), and they're getting more expensive. Thank God most people want AC30's! The rest of the world still don't about Selmers yet, so the prices haven't gone as stupid as they could have done. They are way superior to AC30s, but there were so many more Vox's sold due to brilliant product placement of AC30s with most of the leading British bands of the early 60s. Selmer could just never catch up!
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