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  1. Poll is over! Sorry if this seems like a tease, but I won't be putting any graphic on the front of the chassis. The new amp look is so badass and no-nonsense that it throws off the look of the amp a bit too much having a silly picture on it. So I figure it is an idea best suited for T-shirts (and mugs, etc.)
  2. A friend and I were hanging out a few days ago, listening to come cool music (including "mathcore" and such). We ended up in Boston Pizza. The music in there was totally "stereotypical pop-rock 1980s" save for a few more recent songs (and those were pretty lame ones too). As a Journey song played, I mimicked the ever-so-simple drumbeat and we chuckled to ourselves. I mean not that I don't like straight-ahead drums in rock songs, but the song "Any way you want it" is getting just a tiny bit dated, IMO... At the adjacent booth, a couple guys in their late 30s were discussing Journey. O
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