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  1. I pretty much covered all this in the previous categories. I've been playing for 40 some years and have owned a lot of different guitars and amps, some I really wish I still had. But who knew then what they would be worth now? If it were lost or stolen, I'm not sure if I'd buy another. I like to try different products and there is so much available these days at affordable prices- it's hard to decide what to choose. However, this amp is definitely worth trying.
  2. Overall - a great amp for the money, big bang for the buck. Why spend a fortune on a tube amp that gives you few tone options when you can buy this at an affordable price and have a myriad of tone options? If it were lost or stolen I would most likely buy another. I have had Fender, Mesa Boogie and Carvin tube amps and several solid states. I've been playing for forty years and have owned many amps and guitars, too many to list. I'm still kicking myself for selling some of the guitars I had but who knew then what they would be worth today? I currently use a '72 Gibson ES355, an early seventies Gibson SG, a recent Epiphone SG, an Ibanez AR250 (I changed the pickups) and a mid-seventies ES175. I also have a couple other amps. As you can see, I'm not a Strat guy so I can't tell you how this amp would sound with single coils. I can tell you that it's a very versatile amp and sounds as good as the original Pod (which was the best one) or Flextone II amp (2x10 stereo). It sounds far better than the Spyder II (2x10) and blows the Spyder III away. No matter what style you play, this amp has something to offer. Try one, you'll probably like it.
  3. dmarks

    Carvin SX300H Head

    I want to say the amp cost $360.00 + another $40.00 for the footswitch. I think they had a deal on free shipping at the time. If it were lost or stolen, I would definitely buy another one.
  4. I wanted a solid state amp mainly for practice because only a SS amp can get good tone at low volume. Tube amps have to be somewhat cranked up before they "come alive." It's not a bad amp but for me it's just not tweakable enough and I just can't seem to get the overall sound I'm looking for. I'm going back to the Carvin SX series amp with smart effects and active tone circuits. I had an early nineties SX-100 solid state which I liked but sold a while back.
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