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  1. Arrogant bitch. What makes her think Canada wants her? Even Canucks have standards.
  2. The Republican Celebrities Club keeps it's mouth shut because all democrat celebrities are {censored}ing Scientologists, proving that all democrats are stupid mindless goons that believe in space aliens and {censored}, and easily fall prey to pyramid schemes. C7 Yeah well, it had to come to this eventually. Hollywood celebs don't marry normal people and generations of inbreeding was bound to take its toll.
  3. Originally Posted by Thumper My Jeep Cherokee sh*t the bed on my way home from work yesterday. In rush hour traffic 200 meters short of my off ramp. Well of course it did dummy. You can't take a USA car and make it do things in meters.
  4. I used to own a 66 Vibrolux and it wasn't like a Deluxe. The Vibro is brighter sounding and unlike a Deluxe which gets all warm and fuzzy when the tubes overdrive, the Vibro gets harsh and raspy. The Deluxe is the best sounding guitar amp Fender ever made I think and if that's what you want, that's what you should get.
  5. Mudbass


    Like my dear old mother used to say to me when I was but a lad...if you want me to believe you when you're telling me the truth, don't lie to me when you're not!
  6. Could be a Fugly II, but I don't know.
  7. Sure glad I'm not one of the dumbasses who posted to this worthless thread. Wait... Aahhhh!!!
  8. Knob 1...volume Knob 2...tone Knob 3...PRNDL
  9. Try http://www.guitarsarah.com/ for some new methods and ideas.
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