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  1. exactly why I asked...when he said the guitar had been under the bed for years...the strings will corrode over time, even in the untouched nut slots; and yes, changing the gauge without doing a proper set-up usually creates tuning issues like this.* use a razor blade or a pocket knife to shave off some into the slot, then use the edge of a piece of folded paper to work it into the slot...lightly blow out any excess. Hopefully this is the same gauge used when the guitar was set up way back when; if you have a caliper or micrometer, compare the diameter of the strings you removed to the ones you put on. Are they the same or different? *going from a 9/11/16/24/32/42 to a 10/13/17/26/36/46 can make a noticeable difference to the neck relief, intonation and 'grip' in the nut slot...it may not seem like much 'intellectually', but physically it is potentially a major change, often requiring a whole new set-up.
  2. to put it plainly, we are trying to diagnose an issue over the internet, without examining the instrument, which leaves a lot of conjecture. As you answer our questions we can narrow this down... Each slot of the nut is different, so there are potential variants. The nut could be worn down at the fretboard side, which would move the contact point away from the bridge, effectively lengthening the string, and changing the distance from the nut to the fret. ...however, you've had the guitar for a long time, and this issue only 'recently' revealed itself, so let's consider other possibilities... Was the temperature and humidity been fairly 'typical' under your bed prior to you noticing the issue? When was the last time you changed strings? Did you use the same gauge? The strings could be 'hanging up'; although less common with unwound strings, it is possible. Have you ever 'lubricated' your nut slots? A little bit of pencil tip graphite in there may help Reversing the bridge saddles likely won't help, since you've already maxed out the adjustment, but the grooves will still be there, you are just changing which side faces forward. Notice how the angled side on the E/B/G strings is reversed from the E/A/D? I don't think there is enough potential change there to warrant the effort, but if you are feeling the urge, give it a shot. You can adjust the saddles with the strings on, btw....how else do you hear the change in pitch to know when you've got it right? Are the bridge posts solidly into the body? ...not saying this would be the cause, but something I typically check if there is an intonation issue. At this juncture, after checking these possibilities, I think you should take it to a competent guitar tech...
  3. I will go with the nut may be the issue, it may need to be re-slotted/filed...but your action maybe too high as well, which would make each fretted note sharp. However as this only seems to happen to two of the three unwound strings, the nut would seem the likely suspect. How long has this issue been noticeable? Are you experiencing this only at the second fret, or is that just a typical reading down the neck for both the G and B stings? Grant H made a good point, is the octave reading correctly fretted and unfretted? Did your guitar take a fall recently? Even if there was no apparent damage, there are a myriad of things that could happen, including cracks in the nut, a tiny twist to the neck, and so on...
  4. sadly, it is a Behringer... Their low end products are made so cheaply, they are notoriously unreliable. The EQ looks okay, the FX would be problematic, as only one effect could be chosen, and shared ... probably not going to work well for drums+keys+guitar, IMHO. I would be far more inclined toward this, as the alternative, although the input array looks adequate, the mixing capability is apparently volume only with only a master 3 band EQ, which likely won't be a good match to drums+keys+guitar, the price, at $229 is certainly better...and it is Vox, a far more reputable manufacturer, IMHO.
  5. I did a mass research on loopers a few years ago*, and based on that, I have a Boss 300...great looper, but way overkill for what I was doing at the time....I'm using a TC 'Ditto' now live...simple...clean. There are so many on the market now, I would be spending months trying to get through all of them. * it should be in our archives here
  6. Do a 'dry run' before you record the whole thing...one short song should tell you what you need to do.
  7. Budget? Have you tried any of the 'high gain' pedals on the market? [so I don't suggest something you've rejected already] What amp are you running through now? Is this for bedroom use or gigging?
  8. yeah, that can happen, and it's not like you can have a sound/video crew...
  9. daddymack


    they make a lovely couple...😉
  10. the other option, and I know this sounds complicated, but may be the easiest way to satisfy everyone, and have control of volumes...get a small 4-6 channel mixer and a pair of small powered speakers-10" would be better, but there are some good 8" units. Wattage wise, shoot for 300W, [600w peak], so you are not having to push your mixer output very high, thereby keeping the distortion under control. The advantage? You can tweak each channel on the mixer for each individual instrument, and the kids learn how to mix....and you have control of the overall volume. You didn't mention a budget, but...some examples https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1026873-REG/yamaha_mg06_6_input_stereo.html/?ap=y&ap=y&smp=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=Cj0KCQjwy6T1BRDXARIsAIqCTXqnRRJVCb0QXs-5hTVr1DEan8XIflfE4JSnPO23Mo0muDFzoW1YIz0aAhJeEALw_wcB https://www.guitarcenter.com/Alto/TX208-8-2-Way-Powered-Loudspeaker-1500000205830.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=Cj0KCQjwy6T1BRDXARIsAIqCTXqPKVOz6Mpgh8m1KaKP3oIwaCAgSLE9Ya54cdMxyKNyutDTqwVBSNYaAgIXEALw_wcB This combination would run you~$300...budget buster, or okay? By the time you got a decent drum amp and a decent guitar amp, you'd be close to this number, and the volume wars would start
  11. well, SB, Buddy hasn't been around here for quite some time, so I'm not sure what benefit he'll get from your post, but IIRC, Martin didn't actually 'sue' Takamine, they had a 'cease and desist' order issued, which made it 'difficult' to import them into the USA. So it isn't a 'lawsuit' guitar...per se...
  12. ah, so, the mod axe is going on the block, eh? I'll be frank: I stopped doing business on fleaBay years ago, because of the 'snipers' and the 'idiots who ask a zillion questions and then don't bid'. I don't sell on Reverb, I only buy...I try to sell my 'superfluous gear' to people I know [which, in the LA area, is plenty] and trust [not quite as many ]...or I'll put them on consignment with a reputable reseller [Norman's Used and Rare, typically, because I've known Norm for over 40 years...long before he started the store].
  13. I have to say this was a bit of a challenge...but there are listings, but I found no reference to actual importers...have you tried AliBaba? Etsy? https://www.amazon.com/Indonesian-Traditional-Single-Xylophone-percussion/dp/B071HTDP73 https://www.ebay.com/i/283587689534?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=283587689534&targetid=882904020427&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9031634&poi=&campaignid=6469981122&mkgroupid=86285324342&rlsatarget=pla-882904020427&abcId=1141176&merchantid=6296724&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhZr1BRCLARIsALjRVQOkWcQ6P_ZzBeb71ZK9X1k1Bf48xi7X0-N2aYt5AJpiuOnDGwOZBtEaAvvPEALw_wcB https://www.overstock.com/Sports-Toys/Drum-Percussion/3230/subcat.html?featuredproduct=9491603&featuredoption=14072311&kid=9553000357392&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=16672329-000-000&cnc=US&cid=248973&type=pla&targetid=pla-384823143968&track=pspla&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhZr1BRCLARIsALjRVQPIkCMrr-N2DFS8UUy4PgObJT5cmNFdRwkLVPM80LjotTxEPWlACYAaAl4hEALw_wcB https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/more-furniture-collectibles/collectibles-curiosities/musical-instruments/19th-century-celempung-musical-instrument-from-java-indonesia/id-f_12367253/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhZr1BRCLARIsALjRVQN6Zmkn-OllZYw03lKb2jf4pWGC6dTjjLewn34cykwvD16x3BisLOIaApSHEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  14. intermittent failures...the bane of the repairman's existence!
  15. especially superfluous on a semi hollow-body guitar. I'm assuming this is a 'Dot'? The second most ubiquitous guitar in GC? Anyone who thinks the weight of a semi is an issue should stick to acoustic guitars
  16. oh, so they re-opened in San Marcos...the armpit of San Diego county...
  17. I was wondering about the ads impact on the mobile users...now I know...why amazon...and why do I see teddy bears on some pages?
  18. unfortunately, your assistance is about 7 years too late, but thanks for trying, and welcome to Harmony Central!
  19. have you tried asking the manufacturer? IIRC there is a USB port for updates...there may be a fix for this available online.
  20. no problemo, está en el lugar correcto... y bienvenido a Harmony Central!
  21. 'Inverted'...look at any pic of a LP https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-classic-electric-guitar/l54489000004000?cntry=us&source=3WWRWXGP&gclid=CjwKCAjwv4_1BRAhEiwAtMDLsj8dcTqUZFWeBQRatU8O1iWXXesKYV2e3y8dtGPcieEWWEGtw4B06hoCGtQQAvD_BwE https://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone/Limited-Edition-Les-Paul-Studio-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar-Alpine-White-1275761455281.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=CjwKCAjwv4_1BRAhEiwAtMDLsmmcTRjPJo9gq3wRw4pGOBUtcaiqnEElvyUq46w2TkNGJ7-eLbsRTRoCdRMQAvD_BwE
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    so? It gave us something to do...
  23. nuf'sed...Florida... one would think all those retired Nuyawkuz would have turned that state blue by now...I have a good friend in Miami who is struggling to keep his restaurant afloat doing takeout only...and the pawn shops are open?
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