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  1. This was actually the first amplifier I ever bought, but I've had it in storage for the past two years. I found it in a box of various music gear I've bought, so I set it up and started playing. I have been playing now for almost 4 years, I own a Springfield Acoustic Guitar (Model: EWD-10N), the Austin I mentioned, and a kit guitar I bought off a friend. I've been looking for a decent overdrive sound (something my rms amp can't provide for some reason) and this little gadget provided it. I love that it is so simple. I don't have to mess with the amount of gain to get the sound I want, I just turn it on and start playing. I would recomend it to anybody.
  2. Stephen-w1J-g

    Austin AU786

    I have been playing now for 2 years. I own a Springfield Accoustic guitar (for which I also did a review of) and one no name Les Paul Copy which I purchased before this guitar. I would have probably asked how old it was. The guitar I purchased previously is 12 years old, and ready for a Jimmy Hendrix style "sacrifice" if you catch my drift. I may just use it for extra parts on this guitar, they have virtually the same hardware (ABR-1 Bridge, etc) If it was stolen or lost, I might buy another one of these, should my budget allow it. Again, it has a nice fulll and sweet sound to it. That, and it plays nicely. That's what I like about it, I don't like the gold hardware or the celluloid finish. This guitar is going to look interesting in 20 or 30 years (if I still have it).
  3. Stephen-w1J-g

    RMS Amps 35G

    A chorus channel. That's what I wish it had. Would I buy another if it was stolen? No, I'd go for a Marshall with the same amount of power. I could probably find one for that price.
  4. It is a decent pedal for play clean parts in Metallica songs, and a good for getting the sound of a twelve string guitar. If it were stolen or lost, and considering the problems I've experienced with it lately, I would have to think long and hard as to wether or not I would buy another. I do like the tone I get from it however. But I wish the circuitry in mine didn't have that defect. It didn't used too.
  5. I've been playing approximately 2 years. I also own a no name Les Paul Clone. I probably would have asked what the warrenty was, if there was one. I would probably buy another if this was stolen. "Anything you wish it had?" A black finish!! I like that better than the finish it has now.
  6. I try and play some simple Metallica songs (what a contradiction there). This effect adds a nice quality to those songs. However I can't quiet get the sound of Nirvana using it alone. So I may have to buy a distortion pedal to go with it. The only other thing I didn't like about this pedal was something mentioned in the instruction booklet. "WARNING: DEPTH CONTROL MUST BE CLOSELY MONITORED, AS THE FX64 WILL HAVE A TENDENCY TO PUSH EQUIPMENT OFF THE STAGE." Somebody kindly explain to me how something like this can happen because of one setting knob?
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