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  1. I play it in church and around other gigs. It's suitable for that, and for my amateur recording. I'll still get a better guitar, but this one will do for now.
  2. There really isn't any other option for this effect, so if it were stolen, I'd pick up another one. If you need or want a violin type sound, pick this thing up, you'll be happy.
  3. Definetly worth the money. I'd replace it with the same if it were lost or stolen. Sure you can find a better mando, but not without dropping a load more money.
  4. If you can find this pedal, pick it up. It's worth the $$.
  5. I play lots of stuff, mostly with our church's praise team. This pedal gets the sounds I need. These things usually fetch $100 or so on ebay, I got this for much less since it didn't work. It's a great sounding pedal, but I don't know if it's worth $100. The undiscerning ear will notice little difference between this one and the new $35 SCH-Z, and the discerning ear will be able to tweak the Z to sound like the original. If it were lost or stolen, I would go back to my SCH-Z, but I'm glad I have this pedal. I recommend waiting for a fixer-up deal on ebay for this pedal. It sound
  6. Someone else said this unit will become the TS808 of modelers. I have to agree. The clean sounds, most difficult to emulate, sound great through this thing, and the distortion sounds good too. You can only find these things on ebay or used on HC classifieds now. They run between $80 and $120, and I would have to say they're worth it. I'd look for a second on off of ebay if this were stolen.
  7. I give it an 8 because for the price, this thing seems like it'll do the job. No power supplies. No multi-level boards. No effects loop. But overall, you get a fairly sturdy pedalboard for about half to a quarter the cost of competitors. If it were lost or stolen I would probably get an SKB, Pedaltrain, or Core pedalboard, but this will certainly do for now.
  8. $40 gets you the 1 spot, a daisy chain, and one or two adapters. I'll have to buy another daisy chain and adapter to power my entire rig, but that still lands under $60. Lots less than say a voodoo labs pedal power. If it were lost, I'd buy another one. For tons less money than a voodoo labs, you sacrifice some of the features (no 18v power, no 'sag' feature, etc) that you might not use, and still get a noiseless power supply. If you power more than 3 pedals on your fx chain, you need one of these.
  9. I play a bunch of different stuff, mostly contemporary Christian. This pedal gets all the chorus sounds I'll probably ever need, and it certainly puts a tube rotosphere on the low-priority list. I wish it sounded more like the SCH-1, but I'll mod it for that. And lastly, if it were stolen, I'd buy a new one.
  10. If someone could figure out a way for a 335-style guitar to be rewired and repaired easily, it would be perfect. But the guitar doesn't lose points because it is by its nature tedious to repair. I like the flexibility of a semihollow body guitar. If it were stolen, I would probably buy a lower-end gibson, because that's about what I have the guitar insured at (cost of guitar plus case plus pickups plus time spent rewiring it), but I would buy a similar instrument. All in all, I highly recommend this guitar.
  11. I basically bought it because it looked nice, was cheap, and I don't have a ukelele. But it actually could be used as a classical guitar in a pinch. Seeing as I don't have one, it'll be worth keeping around. Other than that, it'll be a nice looking and sounding wall hanging in my music room.
  12. I play tons of styles and bought this so I could plug into our church sound system without hauling my 2x12 peavey classic and floor full of pedals to church and crowding out the rest of the praise band. Seems like it should do the job. If it got stolen, I'd buy another. Overall, it's pretty easy to use, sounds good, seems fairly reliable, and even with shipping and gold coverage from MF, should run under $150. I can't think of a better deal.
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