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    Ventura SG Copy

    I have been playing for almost two years, and I currently own a Fender Stratocaster, a Ventura SG, a Yamaha FG412-S, an Austin AU341S, and a Goodlin Classical. I play through a Behringer GM110, and in my fx chain I have a Boss SD-1, Boss CE-5, EH Small Stone, Danelectro Corned Beef, DOD Classic Fuzz, Arion SAD-3, and an Arion HU-30. This instrument holds up well during the most shredalicious licks and in jazzy blues at the neck. If you're lucky to find one of these instruments, I'd suggest giving it a try. It may be your cup of tea, or it may be your worst enemy. Instruments are like women; everybody has their own taste. Good luck!
  2. This pedal is amazing for a fuzz. I never knew a fuzz could produce such wonderful sounds. If you're any fan of alternative music, hard rock, or even blues, I would highly recommend this. I'm not sure how the muff vs. fx52 thing goes, because I haven't tried the big muff yet. What I do know is that this fuzz more than likely has everything you're looking for in a fuzz, and more. let me give you a few examples of the tones you can get from this box. when you boost the fuzz and turn the tone to about 12 o' clock, you can get a good pumpkins siamese-era tone. listen to "hummer" or "cherub rock". there's the tone. ever listen to jimi hendrix? check out "foxxy", turn your tone knob to about 10 o' clock, the fuzz at about 12, and wail on. I'd suggest the same settings for any clapton as well. set the tone knob at 9 o' clock, the fuzz at full, switch on a chorus pedal, and you've got Smashing Pumpkins' "Everlasting Gaze" tone. perhaps one of the most irregular ugly sounding tones ever, but with the chorus it's a spinning haze of droning fuzz. SWEEEEEEEEEET. I'd say that this pedal pretty much covers any fuzz territory that I could ever dream of covering. The only pedal that I hold in higher reguard than this is the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive. That pedal has been going strong for 20+ years, and it has not failed me yet. I still use it constantly. I think that the DOD Classic Fuzz will remain on my board until the end of time, linked at the hip with my trusty ol' Boss SD-1. This is the best damn $20 I've spent.
  3. I love the sound this pedal puts out. It's very warm, inviting, and thick. It's not as versatile as some chorus pedals are, but it gets the job done. My Boss CE-5 is apparently analog too; it's a very nice pedal...the chorus can go from murmuring detuned chorus (think "come as you are") to sparkly 80s chorus. Unfortunately my CE-5 doesn't have the warmth that this baby provides. Like I said, I may just buy one because of the warm, inviting, milky tone this pedal puts out. If you're looking for a nice, simple chorus that doesn't contain any extra bells and whistles, the Danelectro Milkshake is a great (and non-expensive) alternative. I can't stress this enough. GREAT sound.
  4. I bought this pedal from Musicians Friend at a Clearance sale they had awhile back. All of the Arion Pedals were $29.99 or less, some were even kicked down to $12.99 and $14.99. I was going to buy an Arion Tubulator as well, but waited a day too late, and the price shot up to $30. I payed $19.99 for this. I think it was well worth it. Despite it's reliability issues, it's enormously short delay time, and it's muffled echoes, I think that this pedal holds it's own. It's a unique kind of effect...I don't think I've heard anything like it. It provides a haunting, spacey, dark echoey delay that seems to surround you and take your playing over. It's a really nice effect, I just wish that the delay was longer. I may trade this in for an SAD-1, since I've heard those are comparable to early Boss delays. Arion makes good products, you just have to look for them and see what fits you best. Cheaper pedal manufacturers have a hit and miss pattern. Their chorus could be good, but their overdrive could be complete crap. It just depends. My advice to you is, buy as many Arion products as you want; they're not going to break your bank. If you don't like them, simply sell them, and get your money back. That's the way we do it in the effects world, my friends.
  5. geek_usa

    Godlyke Powerall

    This power supply fits my needs perfectly. I bought an extra daisy chain for it because I'm an effects freak and I'm already on my second board, so that will come in handy when I need it. The Godlyke Powerall is one of the best Power Supplies out there. The OneSpot is great, but it just doesn't cover all the ground that the Godlyke seems to. Remember : This will power almost ANY and EVERY effect out there imaginable. Even if it doesn't have a 9v OUT, you can give the pedal juice by using Godlyke's battery clip to attatch to the unit. All in all, a great power supply without a frightening price tag. If you think that the Godlyke is expensive, compare it to a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2. You're looking at $150+ USED. I think some people are even trading in their Pedal Powers for the Godlyke set. Go ahead and get one, you won't regret it.
  6. If you're considering buying a nice, lush, digital chorus, look no further. If you're looking for warm, analog chorus, I suggest the EH Small Clone or the Boss CH-1. It is rumor that the CE-5 was made with an analog chip, but I have yet to hear confirmation on this. If you play 80s music, this is for you. If you play 90s alternative/rock, this is for you. If you do chicken-pickin' and country licks, this is for you. If you play anything with chorus at all, this is for you! Simply a great pedal, one of my favorites. The ONLY Pedal I would rule this out with is the EH Poly Chorus, because that pedal is simply the BEST chorus on the market. If you're on a strict budget though, and don't feel like paying $230 for the Poly Chorus, then the CE-5 is your best bet. Once again, great pedal. Job well done, Boss.
  7. I've been playing for a little over a year and I own three guitars, and I use one of my dad's (the SG). I also use his Kustom 250 watt Head and Cab, but that thing has a tendency to squeal when you plug it in (I almost lost my hearing yesterday because it squealed...the kids outside could hear it). I have 6 effects pedals, because I'm a pedal geek. This amp is simply AMAZING for all that it provides with it's astounding price tag. I would dare anyone who was skeptical to place this next to a $399 Marshall MGDFX 30 or 50 watt amp or a $369 Fender Blues Junior and see if they could tell the difference. And the best thing? It's ANALOG. Yes, WARM, THICK, FUZZY ANALOG sound. This shuts out every digital amp out there for tone. I doubt someone could tell the difference between this and a nice tube amp had they been blindfolded and not told which amp was being played through. That's honestly how good the tone is on this baby. I get a REALLY nice clean sound with my Fender Stratocaster, and I'm going to replace the pickups with some '57 reissues as soon as I can buy a soldering iron. After that, I will be LOADED with tone. Okay, so maybe I'll buy a Fender '72 Reissue Thinline Tele and a Gibson Les Paul. Then I'll have all I need for years to come. An Amp like this proves that you don't need to spend a fortune on botique gear to get the sound you want. May I say it again? TONE, TONE, TONE.
  8. a very underrated pedal in my opinion. It gets mocked and spit at because it takes time to tweak. It's not the best reverb in the world, but for the price that Danelectro manufactures it at, it's well worth it.
  9. I have to say something about Dan L. He hit the nail on the head perfectly, and I don't even know why I'm writing this review. He covered almost everything there was to know and answered any questions about the SD-1 that you might have had to ask. This pedal is a very good pedal to boost your gain drive. This won't do Soundgarden CRUNCH alone, but Drop D sounds EXCELLENT when paired with a british drive, and leads with this baby cut through like butter. There's really not much else I can say about this pedal that hasn't been said. One of the best deals on the market if you know how to use it properly. I highly doubt I'll be replacing this pedal any time soon.
  10. bought this on eBay used for $30. This thing has taken a beating or two, but it's survived everything so far. I mainly play alternative/hard rock music. The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Tom Petty are my main influences. This wah does exactly what it's supposed to = wah. It doesn't scream, it doesn't bite your head off, but you can get a nice smooth swoop from it. It's not the best wah in the world, and I'm sure there's worse, so for $30 I can't complain. However, I AM thinking about getting a Dunlop Crybaby, because I'd like more of that Swirly Swooshy 60's vibe. The bad reviews here are just people who hate on this pedal because it doesn't live up to the legendary Bad Horsie. It doesn't scream, wail, or cry, but it DOES WAH. If you're looking for a simple solution to your wah-ing needs, this pedal might be worth looking at.
  11. For a beginner's guitar = great. for a more experienced player = not so great. I'm not saying that these squiers are totally bad, and that you should avoid them like the plague, I'm just telling you that you shouldn't use them for one of your main guitars. To be totally honest, I would really recommend a Silvertone Strat copy over these...they're about the same price, maybe $30 less, and they have more of a "vintage" fender sound to them, or so I've heard. They're also constructed better, look nicer, and aren't a pain like many squiers are. once again...great starter guitar. cheap price, carries the "fender" brand (unfortunately...ugh), and it will have a higher resale value over no-name or low-grade strat copies. I currently own, use, and/or play a '73 Ventura SG (my dad's), and a 1993 MIM Fender Strat w/upgraded parts, as well as a Yamaha FG412-S Acoustic and an Austin AU341-S (kind of like Alvarez' squier brand; a budget line guitar from Alvarez) Acoustic. I have numerous pedals that I don't really care to list, and a couple amps as well. Out of 10, I would rate an Affinity Series Squier Strat a 6. If you can, save your dough and get a genuine fender strat...SO MUCH better than any squier (except early 80's MIJ) strat and they aren't much more expensive. If you've already made up your mind on a squier, then at least get a Squier Standard Series, not this Affinity crap. Squier II's and MIJ Squiers are a fair shot too, worth checking out. Hope this review helped somebody in someway. PEACE I'M OUTTA HERE!
  12. geek_usa

    yamaha FG-412S

    a simply amazing acoustic for the price. I have no problems or worries whatsoever. I feel this will outlast me. I may get a Takamine EG5300SC, however, because it has a cutaway and it is acoustic/electric. I LOVE Takamines, but this Yamaha has it's own spot in my gear collection. I doubt I will ever sell it unless I absolutely NEED to. Yamaha should really get more recognition than they do. If you're considering a mid-range acoustic, I'd recommend a Yamaha or Takamine. Both are exceptional, and have astounding pricetags. I'd recommend a Taylor too, but if you were looking for high-end acoustics, you wouldn't be looking for a Yamaha would you. ...or would you?
  13. geek_usa

    Kustom 250 Head

    I've been playing for a little over a year and own the following: Austin AU341S Acoustic Yamaha FG412S Acoustic '74 Ventura SG Copy 1993 MIM Fender Standard Strat Zoom 505II multifx Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive (MIJ) Morley PWA Wah/Volume and a Maxon Distortion Booster. This amp can be pushed pretty hard, and it is LOUD. Definatly a gigging amp. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a real HEAVY sounding amp, but be prepared to have a nice arsenal of pedals, because this doesn't have ANY effects; No onboard reverb, only ONE channel, no modulation effects, no dirty channel. Great for band practice or small club gigs. If you're looking for a workhorse, look somewhere else...this is as basic as it gets as far as stacks go. This thing gets an "8" from me.
  14. great tuner, does what it's supposed to. Arion really makes some good gear, IMO. But, as with the other cheapo not known brands like DOD and Danelectro, they have a hit and miss type of gear pattern. For $3.00 I just said what the heck; I don't have a tuner in my arsenal, so I thought three bucks was worth it.
  15. geek_usa

    Zoom 505 II

    I mainly play hard rock. I've expiramented alot on this pedal. Everything from Van Halen to Def Leppard. And like I said earlier, I'm a big pumpkins fan too...this pedal worked great. I'm moving on to single effects now, because of the 2 second delay in changing effects on this pedal. This pedal in my opinion is GREAT for what it's worth, and I would advise ANY beginner who doesn't have much experience with effects or pedals for that matter, to try this out. Not only is it fun, it gets you aquainted with your effects and it's a learning experience.
  16. like I said, some dano pedals are great, but some...like this certain one, just aren't worth buying. If you're looking for distortion, go with something from Boss or get any other pedal. This thing is horrid in my opinion. If you want danelectro distortion, the T-Bone is slightly better, but almost anything is better than this box.
  17. geek_usa

    Ventura SG Copy

    I've been playing for about one year and I own three guitars. An Austin AU341S Acoustic (see my review on it), a Yamaha FG412-S Acoustic, and this Ventura SG. If this were stolen or lost, I'm sure my dad would be sad, because this guitar probably gives him nostalgia over the days when he used to gig with his cousins who where his best friends as well. He keeps telling me of all the times they had together running from cops on motor bikes, working on the farm, playing gigs in small clubs and bars, etc. If this was stolen or lost, I doubt I would get another one, because 1)I wouldn't have much luck finding another one, and 2)This guitar would be easily beat out by any Strat or even an Epiphone. Overall, this guitar is not too shabby. The outside is nice, but you may find the guts of this thing to be a bit raw and underdeveloped. You can get this thing used for about $200-$300 in a used guitar shop or on eBay, which is a nice price for a guitar of this stature and age. My friends often come over and compliment on the sharp looking axe I have sitting in front of my enormous cab, but like the old saying goes, "never judge a book by it's cover."
  18. geek_usa

    Austin AU341S

    I've been playing for about 10 months and I have a Yamaha FG-412S Acoustic Guitar, the Austin (mentioned above), and a Gibson Ventura SG Electric Guitar from '73. I also have a Kustom 250 Amp and all of the accessories (pedals, capos, picks, etc). If this were stolen or lost, I doubt I would purchase another. I wish this guitar had more features and better sound and reliability. It's a beginner's guitar at a cheap price, so what can you ask for?
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