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  1. Works great. Stock is definately ok but the mod gives it a little extra tonal edge to make the chug stand out. Also, if you are a modder, this is a very configurable pedal, schematics are easy to find and easy to read. Plus there are many other people that mod this so there are a lot of suggestions you can find online. Just ask me for sound clips and I'll send them. I have 1 song made pre-mod and I'm probably going to make a bunch of new clips now that I've done it.
  2. I've been playing for about 9 years now. This guitar sounds good and plays good. I also owned the Mohagany 58 V long ago. This is obviously very similar but the sound comes through clearer, all the while retaining its warmth and colorfullness. If anyone wants some samples of this guitar I would be happy to send some. Just see my address below
  3. I play Mainly Praise and worship in Modern and Classic Rock styles. Actually, that basicly means I play anything guitar bassed..blues, some types of metal, etc etc. Definately not a great pedal if your exclusively into modern or hardcore styles but in any case it is a great way to control your tone (I basicly use it as a preamp). It was half the Price of a few One-Trick-Pony Boutique pedals next to it. On the other hand it was used.
  4. I've gone through lots of gear in the last 4 years. I never had the urge to drop this pedal from my rig. Its far to usefull for many different kinds of music. I play classic and modern rock type of music and I play both rhythm and lead parts on this pedal. It is honestly the backbone of my gear. I would replace my tube preamp or my amp itself before I replace the tubulator. I've played praise and worship music at several churches and seriously, I've had to play on a small 20 watt amp with 8" speaker but it sounded GREAT because I brought the tubulator along (this was pre-mod too)
  5. I've already submitted a review for this amp a long time ago, however, I incidentally lost the last one and acquired a new one. Cause for concern, This amp sounds very different from my last one! It sounds looser and deeper, and that is a good thing for me but it leads me to think that you should really TRY THE ACTUAL AMP YOU ARE GOING TO BUY because of the inconsistency in the production. Out of curiosity, I've played a couple in stores to check and I've found there to be 2 types: There are some that are very very tight..too tight (IE the first one I had). Zero warmth, I o
  6. Great for what I bought it for. Excellent tone shaping ability for such a low-class piece of equipment. I used to play digitech rp300 and I can say that the sound is overall much clearer on the zoom. It sounds more like analogue. I can't speak one way or another for the fuzz' and distortions on the 506 because I only use the clean amp simulations. I use my tube preamp for the distortion. There's some noise in it... All in all, it's a tight little package that has everything I need to complete my guitar effects.
  7. I've been playing for about 4 years now and have mostly had to play through solid-state amps. This pedal is the answer to sterile sounding clean and low-gain tones if you have transparent SS amps. It would be nice if you could get a little more guts with its high-gain sound because the low-E string sounds a little SS fake-ish but it's definately nothing to complain about. I mean dude, this thing is only 15 freaking dollars new and you get some pretty aggressive crunch. You get huge sound for such a low price! I give it 10 overall considering the low cost.
  8. Awesome for what it does. not a good preamp for hard rock/metal unless you've already got distortions/overdrive pedals or racks. But it's awesome at getting good sounds out of what you have. Especially for the price!
  9. I did a review on this a little while ago and I thought I would add this. I forgot to mention a few things which might explain why I have rated gainiac higher than most. I have an EMG turbocharger (basicly a signal booster for my Duncan Distortion) in my guitar that I almost constantly use. It pushes the volume on the clean channel and gives the overdrive a more full-bodied sound. I really recommend anyone who has this preamp to have either active electronics or a pickup booster of some sort. For those that have EMG's and still didn't like the gainiac ...keep reading.. I HIGHLY RE
  10. [Comments] When I first started looking at pickups I tried the JB which was better than stock and great for solo's but the palm-muted crunch just wasn't good enough on here. I switched the JB to my ESP and got a distortion for the V. Now it just rocks..I think the JB just didn't sound good on this particular guitar cuz it sounds awesome on the ESP..but the SH-6 sounds GREAT on here. When played clean it seems comparable to the JB. From what I was hearing I thought it would be like really mediocre but it's above average for playing clean. Of coarse it is deserving of being named the Distor
  11. Kyle-byq9W

    ESP EX-100

    I've been playing for a little more than 2 years. I have a fairly big middle-of the road PA. I plug into it with Effects processors and 4x12 modeling. This guitar's only real week point is it's not-so perfect clarity in the mids. If you like Heavy music and don't really do that much soloing then maybe that won't matter at all. For the price I couldn't expect more than what this guitar has, and I paid $60 extra just for the finish I wanted!!
  12. [Comments] I've been playing about 2 years now and take this for what it's worth. This pickup is great, not perfect, but definately great. I first got it for my Epi 58 V. The tone was somewhat similar to the stock pickup but it had a brighter attack which I really liked! It's hard for me to control the Lower tones in some riffs but If you scoop it enough it sounds great. But if you just like to keep your mids cut way down all the time then I don't think this Pickup is for you. The mids give a real punch and thats what makes this pickup good. This is a very clear pickup, not harsh at al
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