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  1. Im Rob,i mainly play metal and progressive(Yes,Ozzy Ozbourne,Vh,Motley Crue)ive ben playing for 16 years,im a marshall stun soloist and have won many guitar competitions(classical and rock)and this is the most advanced compact processor i have played through,its not a junker like alot of zoom {censored} is,the models actually sound like the genuine amps but heres the catch..YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE RIGHT AMP TO MAKE THEM SOUND GOOD(a very clean setting with alot of warmth and prescense,preferably an older fender tube amp or any roland amplifier above 40 watts,this pedal will not shine with any of the new marshall mgs or crate amps,due to the sharp clean tones that lack warmth and definition.The distortions are superior to the metalzone,tubescreamer,just about most of the novice pedals on the market...but you have to program the right cab settings to get that ultimate tone your looking for.Effects are all top notch,it is truly a rack in the box...very quiet,very dependable,it sounds beter than my old $1000 rack setup,which i recently sold after purchasing this pedal....
  2. Im Rob,ive been playing for 15 years,i have been in numerous bands and won many classical and rock guitar competitions,this amp is truly a rock amp from the ground up,its distortion is tube-like,but highly original sounding,to my ears it eats Marshalls for lunch,this is one mean ass amp..if it were stolen id find the {censored}er and step on his head while i crank the amp full blast into his face as a reminder of not to mess with me Crate!Ha,no id go to ebay,they show up now and then and id get the g150 2-12 if i can find it...a very dependable and reliable amp.
  3. My name is Rob Lindbeck,i have a unique style of playing(i play lefthanded,guitar strung righthanded),i pick with my nail and can speed pick,sweep pick,alternate pick,play classical,rock,jazz,blues,metal,ANYTHING in this fashion.I won the Marshall Stun Solo awards back in '91 and the guitar wars at Sunny's in Fredonia 2 years in a row,i currently play in the Ozzy tribute band "Children of the Grave"based in Erie,PA.Besides playing through a Roland stack setup(with this pedal)I also play through Crate Blue Voodoo stacks.I use any of which depending on the requirements of the gigs.Get this pedal,it SEETHES with sonic venom.
  4. My name is Rob Lindbeck and im a virtuoso-level guitarist,an official Marshall Stun Soloist,as well as master of many styles.I own 16 other guitars and this lower-line model,after some tweaking,sounds just as good as my $800 ones.You might want to replace the lead pickup,as it is not the brightest,yet it is still pretty hot.If it were ripped off(god forbid)i'd buy another one because i can afford it.Im really impressed with the sustain this baby has.Later.
  5. My name is Rob Lindbeck,i've been playing for about 14 years and mainly play progressive rock,metal,and classical(Rhoades,Howe,Blackmore are my main influences)and this guitar {censored}ING ROCKS!!Some chump from Brandy Lies named Chris Saxton thought his piece of {censored} Charvel had better tone than my Voyager,so i told him his guitar would make a great paddle for a canoe...it would!
  6. My name is Rob Lindbeck and i've been playing for over 13 years,i mainly play Heavy Metal and classical and this guitar has the perfect tone for "Revelation Mother Earth"or"Dee".Im like Willy Nelson about this goddamned thing,ill probably play it til it gets a bigass hole in the top and looks like it was dragged under a tractor!If this guitar were ever taken,god forbid,it would be IRREPLACEABLE because its got that "one of a kind tone"i cannot find in other classicals old or new.
  7. My name is Rob Lindbeck,i play mostly heavy metal,classical,and folk and this Martin has ULTIMATE TONE.High end Washburns sound like Harmony begginer guitars compared to this instrument.If you can find one of these 000-18 style 70s Sigmas,GET IT,you will be very rewarded!
  8. My name is Rob Lindbeck,im an upside-down lefty player and i mainly play classic Yes,Ozzy w Randy Rhoads,Van Halen,Motley Crue,Deep Purple,classical,bluegrass,jazz,etc etc.With the volume of the tele on 4 i get a great nasal Rhoads-like "tanktone",cranked up full i get plenty of high gain that harmonics and pick squeals cut through(the lead pickup is a Duncan Distortion).I own 15 other guitars:Gibson,Dean,Jackson,Peavey,Dimarzio,Kramer,Martin,Ovation,Conn,Robelli,etc.and this one's as good a looker and a player as all the rest.What really stands out is its BEAUTIFUL black into yellow sunburst finish,this guitar was made for heavy metal,not twangin!If it were(God forbid)ever stolen id be playing in a nice prison band(since i would play accordian on the lungs of the f*ckhead who took it).
  9. My name is Rob Lindbeck and i mainly play metal,rock,and classical music.This pedal inspires me to create great music and hasnt let me down yet.Like i said,its far superior to any Boss distortion ive ever used.Best thing also,i scored it for 3 bucks at a warehouse sale!
  10. I play all the great metal and classical stuff,and believe me,this pedal is not worthy of anything but a practice tool(if that).If it were stolen id flag down the crook and give him a {censored}ty noisy Fender California Cable to go with it.If you like distortion that sounds like buffalo farts,this ones for you!
  11. I play heavy metal and classical mainly.If this pedal were stolen,id give the guy a tip for taking it.DOD claims this pedal has"tube warmth" but it sounds more like a warm dump.For amateurs only!
  12. My name is Rob Lindbeck,i also own a Marshall Valvestate 100 and a Crate GX130C,when i play through this amp with a Zoom 505,it sounds BETTER than both of them.My musical style is influenced by Steve Howe,Randy Rhoads,Eddie VH,Mick Mars and i get a great tone with this amp and my 505.I guess im a "cheap bastard who gets the most for his money"and with this amp,ireally did.Hell,$8.00 for a like new 50 watter of any make is a great deal.By the way,i mainly play a Gibson Flying V 84 or a Dean VXT with it.Just think,$107.00 for a pro sounding rig,CHECK IT OUT!
  13. My name is Rob Lindbeck,i play Yes,Ozzy w Rhoads,Purple,Motley,etc.and i need a smooth responsive amp for my music.After i get this pieced of sh*t fixed,we'll see how it goes.....
  14. My name is Rob Lindbeck,ive been playing for 13 years,im a very unique guitarist in the fact i play a righthanded guitar left handed without reversing the strings,and i can play ANYTHING this way(HEY IVE GOT EVERY RIGHT TO BRAG,THERES NOONE LIKE ME!!)Besides metal and progrock,i also play alot of classical ,which demonstrates my most technical side,and this guitar is THE most reliable for stage and studio,or just {censored}in around .Better than a Viper or a Chet Atkins(if you modify it like i do)Ive compared and this guitar's the best.
  15. My name is Rob Lindbeck,im an upside down lefty player,totally pro,play classsic YES,Rhoades,VH,Blackmore,Yngwie but my originals are the best!I own 13 other guitars and by far,this has superior intonation,tone,reliability,and FLASH!It can sustain for days,can you hear it.........you would though if it were playing.........thats enough of that one!
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