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  1. I wouldn't use it live,that's the only draw back without the gain knob.On stage less is more.With batteries, it's quiet enough, all the complaints about noise must be shitty equipment, but with an adapter though, it hums quite a bit, but if I wanted to use an adapter, I'd rather use my Mooer 001 Gas Station pedal.So now I need to think whether it's worth putting in a new battery in every 3rd day of light jamming or just using my other stompboxes, I mean... variety is a man's best friend nowdays, especially in this day and age of musical technology. But... if the worst comes to the worst ... I'll just remove my 15 buck door stopper,slam the door shut and strum some cannibal corpse and annoy the neighbours if need be... all without having to adjust any gain knobs...this is what you call... Plug and Play
  2. fets

    DigiTech trio plus

    This pedal also has a looper which synchronises with the drums and bass.It's easy to get used to creating your own jam tracks,if you can't get it right, you obviously have timing issues and need to get your chops up for a few more years before you embarrass yourself with real band members anyways. it also has a tempo dial,to slow down the drums or loop.I have to mention,you can only add a guitar to the drum loop,you can't add drums to a guitar loop.It has 3 different bass styles to choose from. All 3 bass styles are useless for complicated riffs,but for a folk,blues or pop jam, it's ok.Being a metalhead, my unit stays on metal genre,it's really a one trick pony there, but good enough to jam and perfect your chops with a bit more variety in drum fills than a standard drum machine you'd have to program a loop onto.It saves everything you do on it to an included 8gb micro sd card. You can buy a few and swop as you please or you can save your work via USB with the trio editor.You can't edit the actual sound or patterns,just rearrange the order of songs etc. Look...as i said, there's nothing on the market that does this in a compact pedal,go try one out, I'm sure you'll enjoy what it does.Besides the fact that Samsung has bought out Digitech and whether any new firmware updates ever become available, I'd definitely buy another, It's a solo man's dream machine....whether you're a bedroom rocker or an open jam nights folk muso crooner,if this machine doesn't improve your chops in the long run.....,maybe try golf instead.
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