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  1. If You want more headroom go ceramic. I'm still getting used to having more speaker break up but I am learning to use this to my advantage. It so happens that Stephen (Cohen of Firebelly Amps) really knows his stuff. The speakers are voiced perfectly to start breaking up just as the amp starts to which allows my ears to really appreciate the sound of the two combined. Symbiosis at work, heh? I do, however, play mostly just at clipping and I love this speaker right there. Great Choice Stephen!
  2. I've been playing for 20 years and have honed my tone nicely over the last 10 on electric. I'm very glad to have found Firebelly amps when I did. It was a nice experience having an instrument custom made for me and end result is very pleasing. I'm excited to play it every day and that, to me, is the benchmark for rating any instrument.
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