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  1. Now I have another the same for sale - 150 usd + shipping.
  2. I sell my collection of extra sound banks for Ensoniq synthesizers! 1) TS-10/12 sound disks, more than 900 new sounds!(8 diskettes) - $75.00 TSD-series floppy disk libraries: - TSD-1001 "Altered Native" - TSD-1002 "Rhythm Construction Kit" - TSD-1003 "Pop Rock and Orchestral" - TSD-1004 "Synth Thesaurus" - TSD-1005 "World Piece" Bonus - 3 factory disks: - TSD-300 - OS ver.2-3 programs/presets, demo sequences, backup banks, GM sounds. - SSD-100 - sampled sounds - SSD-101 - sampled sounds Also ask me for more sampled sound disk in ASR/EPS format working in TS-10/12! ($10 per disk) 2) SQ-1/2 SQR KS-32 sound banks from Ensoniq ROM cards - EX-1 A-B, EX-2 A-B, ISC-1 A-B, ISC-2 A-B, SC-1 A-B, SC-2 A-B, SC-3 A-B, SC-4 A-B, SC-5 A-B, SC-6 A-B - over 1500 new sounds (format - syx, loaded via midi to INT bank) + extra software, demos, banks and utilities (like KS-Edit) - $75.00 3) VFX/SD-1 sound banks from Ensoniq ROM cartridges - IPS 1-3, VPS 100-105, VSD 1000-1004, VSD bonus... (format - syx, loaded via midi to INT bank) + extra OS 3.00/4.10 floppy images, SDLib 1.01 Editor - $75.00 4) KT-76/88 or E-Prime SRAM card preloaded by KTC-3 ROM (Gospel / Worship 160 sounds) - $120.00 5) ASR-10, EPS-16+ or TS-10/12 WaveBoy Effects and Transwaves (10 disks) - $100.00 6) SQX-70 sequencer memory expander for Ensoniq VFX-SD, SD-1, SQ-1/ Plus 32, SQ-2, KS-32, TS-10/12 - $55.00 7) SIMM 8Mb (2x4Mb) for TS-10/12 or ASR-10 - $65 Worldwide shipping, ask me for details! Email: provereno@pisem.net
  3. FORMANTA EMS-01 - $1700 (dual-manual synth + organ/piano) POLIVOKS - $900 (legendary duophonic synth) KVINTET - $400 (analog poly synth-brass-piano) UNOST-21 - $350 (poly-synth, keytar) Hard cases for Alisa, Aelita, TOM-1501 synths - $100 each Ask me for actual pix and sounds! All synths checked and tested by pro service, shipping by insured airmail from Russia. Worldwide shipping! PayPal accepted. Please contact me for details: provereno@pisem.net or visit my eBay auctions ID: rusynth
  4. I sell my rare Alesis cards in mint condition, worldwide shipping! Pop/Rock - 90$ Euro Dance (new in factory box) - 100$ Hip-Hop (new in factory box) - 100$ Classical (new in factory box) -100$ Flash 8Mb - 120$ (+ unique CD bundle with all Q-Cards images, extra banks, software, demos etc..) SRAM 512Kb - 125$ (preloaded by 8 expando banks + CD) SRAM 512Kb (new in factory box) - 120$ Works in all Alesis QS/Quadrasynth series, also in DG8 or DM Pro. I can preload Flash card by any of 13 Q-Cards image data before selling, also preload SRAM card by extra banks for QS6 synth, S4 family. Shipping international from Russia: $7-10, PayPal accepted. Ask me for actual pix and other questions. E-mail: provereno@pisem.net or visit my eBay auctions ID rusynth
  5. I have for sale vintage early digital modules, synth and drum-machine: Yamaha MU-100R with 2 expansion boards - super module/FX processor/vocoder Yamaha RY30 rhythm programmer very punch drum sounds (110V) Roland D-110 LA module in factory box complete set, like new! Casio CZ-101 Cosmo Synthesizer with PA-3 cartridge + banks (110V) E-MU Procussion total percussion module All in very good working condition with power adapters/cords, shipping worldwide from Russia by insured airmail, for more info visit my eBay auctions: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Rusynth/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1
  6. I have some vintage analog soviet-made devices for sale: RMIF TI-3 - $1200 (analog poly synth station) - coming soon POLIVOKS - $1150 (legendary polysynth) LELL-22 - $370 (organ-piano-synth) UNOST'-1122 - $400 (poly synth-organ) UNOST'-2M - $200 (compact poly-keyb) LELL PSR - $250 (8-bit drum machine with MIDI) ECHO (EXO) - $430 (vintage tape delay) Hard cases for Alisa, Aelita, TOM-1501 synths - $100 each Ask me for actual pix and sounds! All synths checked and tested by pro service, shipping by insured airmail from Russia. Visit my site www.ruskeys.net for more info and sounds! Email: provereno@pisem.net
  7. I have for sale rare soviet analog instruments and effects: Polivoks - $1250 legendary dual-osc's synthesizer in case (2 units available) Solaris-314 - $800 poly synth organ Junost'-2M - $200 poly keyboard portable design Topaz-1 - $650 rare analog electronic bayan (button accordeon) Echo - $400 vintage tape delay (I have another unit for $150 that need repair) Lider - $450 multi-effects analog guitar processor Oktava MD44 - $100 vintage dynamic microphone 1965 rare! Factory hard cases (2) for Aelita, Tom-1501, Alisa 1377/87 - $100 each Marsh - $100 bass pedal for electronic drum pad All devices in good working conditions, voltage 220V/50hz, connections on 5-din plugs but adapters to 1/4 jack included, shipping worldwide from Russia, ask me for any questions and actual pix via email!
  8. Alesis SR-16 classical drum machine, in very good condition, factory AC 220V adapter included, shipping internationally (contact me for details) provereno@pisem.net
  9. I have for sale my soviet-made analog collection of synths and drums - Polivoks (2 units) - 950-1000$, Junost'21 (2 units) - 400$, Junost'1122 synth-organ - 400$, Lell UDS drum module - 350$, Lell PSR drum-machine - 200$, Elsita module - 400$. Just contact me for details and pix! provereno@pisem.net
  10. I have for sale PCMCIA flash card loaded by 4Mb Rap/Techno/Dance expansion, this card labeled as SMART 8Mb flash card, so in Alesis QS synths it works only as 4Mb card (I don't know why.. if you want I can reload it by World/Ethnic 4Mb data) My card are idendical to Alesis Quadra Card (Q-Card) and it guaranteed works in any Alesis QS synths/modules or old Quadrasynth series, also in S4 modules. This card doesn't work with Sound Bridge midi software, only on laptops/pcmcia adapters with card writers software! However you can use it for writing your custom samples use images created in Sound Bridge then burn this data via laptop card bus. In bonus I give you a unique CD collection with complete software for QS synths, include editors, loaders, utilities, extra sysex banks, q-cards demos, patch lists and much more! Price is $40 + shipping cost - $5-7 worldwide! I can not accept PayPal directly (or +12% from my US partner), only wire bank transfer or other... please contact me for details of alternatively methods, hope we solve it! Or just visit my auction: here Email: provereno@pisem.net
  11. I have for sale my very rare collection of former CCCP vintage analog synthesizers, drums and effects! Synthesizers: AELITA - $900 - (3-osc power monosynth) ALISA-1387 - $700 (2-osc melodic monosynth) VERMONA SYNTH - $550 (2-osc german synth) JUNOST'-21 - $400 (guitar-like poly synth) Keyboards: KVINTET - $400 (brass-string poly synth) ELECTRONIKA EM-04 - $550 (soviet string-machine) JUNOST'-1122 - $450 (organ-piano) LELL-22 - $370 (organ-piano-synth) Drum modules: LELL UDS - $380 (2-channel analog module + pads) Analog guitar pedals/FX processors: LIDER-1 - $400 (guitar micro synthesizer) LELL RC - $250 (early digital multi processor) All synths checked and tested by pro service, shipping by insured airmail from Russia. More infos: www.geocities.com/rusynth/ My official page: www.ruskeys.net Finally I want to remind that I give you total with the purchase: - really checked and tuned synth - good packing shipping by insured air mail - 1/4 jack to 5-din adapter cable - panel translation to english - original or scanned factory manual and schematics (in russian) - technical support with any parts in future - my 8 years international seller reputation Email me for any questions: provereno@pisem.net
  12. I have for sale E-MU sound libraries, all in absolutely new condition, in original boxes and manuals, they can used with software samplers Emulator X/X2, Proteus X/X2/VS (VS can be downloaded from emu.com site for free). It has really original hardware sounds of great E-MU sound modules like: MO'Phatt, Xtreme Lead-1, Virtuoso 2000, Protean station, Orbit V2, Planet Earth and other, also many DVD with the amazing E-MU sample libraries!!!! I have complete set that now on emu site there: click here except of Platinum 88 and Symphonic Orchestra (sold) Actual pix of boxes here My price is $200 (overal original price is more than $1000).
  13. Ensoniq EXP-2 Drum Expander, gives your MR-Rack the same Drum Kits found in the MR Series Keyboards! This expander features over 300 Percussion, Vocal, and Sound-FX patches. Factory demos: http://evg2003.narod.ru/mrack/ Shipping worldwide is 8 USD.
  14. Quasimidi Quasar legendary German sound module, FM/Additive/PCM synthesis, more than 1000 sounds (from acoustic to techno/dance), arrpeggiator, double FX processor, 2 midi inputs, 6 outputs and much more... very powerfull and punched sounds, early digital vintage type. In very good condition, include german manual (or english .pdf), my price is $400 + shipping worldwide.
  15. I have for sale 2 rare PCM boards for Ensoniq MR or ASR-X series synths/samplers - EXP-1 "The Real World" 24Mb - $250 and EXP-2 "Drum Expander" 2Mb -$150 (turn your module into MR keyboard version with the same tons of drum kits!) I ship internationally, please contact me for details! To listen the factory demos please visit my page: LINK Email: provereno@pisem.net
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