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  1. it's good, but it's not.
  2. great pedal. i'd get it again at the price i paid. it gives me what i want. i play mostly ska-core, and it does the job well.
  3. i play ska. it won't work for that. i play punk. it won't work for that either. now i play it when i bring my guitar to church, when i play with the band. i don't play it during the songs, i just play it when we're fooling around. and when i play it, everyone stops and looks at me, and i just smile and keep playing.
  4. TWEAK-Y_Zrw

    DOD FX70-C

    for ska, it's good, for punk, it's alright, for metal, maybe, and i could use this for other stuff too. just don't jump on it, and you're good to go.
  5. buy an fx86b. it's way better. i think i'm gonna sell this. but then again, since i got it with the box and manual, i might hold on to it. i dunno. it's hard to tell right now. but just buy an fx 86b before you get this.
  6. i bought this because i felt it would be a good collector's item, and it is. just don't play it during a concert. i play punk and ska-core. this wouldn't be good for it, unless you have a preamp in front, but even then this pedal is hard to switch on. as you can see, technology changed and they did a good job updating their pedals. now they have the big plastic switches that say "dod" on them. i wish they were metal, but thats no big deal, just don't drop it on the switch, that's all. but like i said, don't perform with this, even though it says "performer" on it, it's not. oh yeah, and i don't think this will get stolen cuz it's not leaving my house, unless i brought it somewhere just to show it off.
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