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  1. Set up a watch list or search on Reverb and eBay. I got a pair of AKG 420P Perecption mics that were unused, but in an open box situation where the cellophane on the case was slightly ripped. Saved $80. I'm using both GarageBand and Reaper. GarageBand because I know it. Reaper because it can do quite a bit. There's a learning curve, but there are some really helpful videos out there. The sad thing is that for all the time and money I spent putting my gear together, I've spent very little time actually recording.
  2. I remember when you were first sharing these sketches and it's great to see them become a reality over the years. There's at least one other forum member who has had some success with custom finishes on guitars and started in his garage and sharing the build threads here. I miss all the build threads.
  3. I needed the money at the time and sold the only electric guitar I had. A 1997 Fender Standard Stratocaster in Inca Silver with a maple fretboard. And I didn't get a whole lot of money for it. Years later when I was finally in a position to start buying guitars again, I couldn't believe how much that same guitar was commanding used. Still haven't technically replaced it, but I've added three other electrics since then. What I really want in a Strat is a two-knob version with a hardtail bridge, so I'll probably put together a partscaster at some point.
  4. Today is the first day I've been back in a while. A couple years ago I was documenting a build that I never finished. I think I stopped by last Christmas to share a guitar that I was surprised to receive as a gift (a red DeArmond Starfire). It's since become my number one. Currently on the fence about buying an old body to start the assembly of a new project.
  5. Very cool! Now I kind of want one. I'm getting to a point where almost all of my guitars are somewhat atypical.
  6. That's all in your head. I don't view either one of those as a radical or extreme design anymore. As long as it isn't neon pink with black zebra stripes i think you'd be fine. As for the original question, I say Firebird.
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