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  1. I love this pedal it's all me as far as distortion, if I want to switch to clean I just play off of my Digitech multi. but for every thing else it's fine. Noise yeah but so what. When I crank it up on the week ends the neighboors complain. At first they thought I was running some type of industrial machine in my room. I'ts part of my guitar set up now officially. The only thing I absolutely hated was the way it was "decorated" they should of just left the god-forsaken color prime gray, and the writing is abominable. I hated the way it looked so much I went as far as scraping and re-painting it dark blue. Who ever designed the "look" was not thinking of Buzz. Every thing else: the sound, the manual, the names of the knobs where on the Money; and that's what matter's I guess.
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