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  1. Mike Knowler

    epiphone EBO

    Playing over Forty Years, Also Own a 73' Hofner Beatle Bass, 61' Hofner Solid-Body Bass, and a 75' Hofner Acoustic Guitar, a Hartke KIckback 10 Bass Amp & a Fender BXR25 Bass Amp. At 8.5 Lbs., this Epiphone EB-O is a Couple of Lbs. Heavier than the Gibson EB-O of the Day, but the Sound is more Succinct, Yet Full and Rich, with Lots of Fat Bottom. I Recently Sold My 69' Gibson EB-O for $895.00 CDN and got this EB-O and I like it a Lot more with Plenty of Extra Money Left over for other things !
  2. Playing since 1969. I Love the Toughness and Chunky Sound. It also is a Short-Scale Bass with a Big Body and Chunky Neck and has the Feel of a Full-Scale Bass such as a Fender Precision. I also Own a Vintage 1961 Hofner 182/E1 Solid Body Bass and a Vintage 1973 Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass and a Vintage 1975 Hofner 189 or possibly 1890 Acoustic Guitar. I also have a Hartke Kickback 10 Bass Amp and a Fender BXR25 Bass Practice Amp.
  3. Playing just about 40 Years. Also Own a 1961 Hofner 182/E1 Single-Pickup Bass and a Galveston Beatle Bass Copy.
  4. Mike Knowler

    Hofner 182/E1

    Best Playing Bass I have Ever Owned ( I have Owned over Forty ! ) Plays like a Telecaster with Ultra Low Action. Weighs about 5 Lbs. Has a Throaty, Warm, Vintage Tone not available in Today's Instruments. This Version of the 182 appears to be Very Rare. I have Owned a Couple of Hofner 185's and some Beatle Basses also.
  5. Highly Recommend !
  6. Looks Great, Sounds Good, Built Like a Tank ! Please Note: I Might Retrofit the Pickup for a Real Fender P-Bass Pickup, as this One is a Tad Weak.
  7. Playing Bass since 1969. I also Own a Wensen Sunburst P-Bass Copy, a Vintage 1975 Hofner 4890 Acoustic Guitar, a Fender BXR 25 Practice Amp & a Hartke Kickback 10 120 Watt Amp. For the Money, this is the Closest Beatle Bass to the Real Thing without Going in the Poor House. I Love the Look, the Feel, The Weight, the Vibe & the Tone of this Bass !
  8. Playing 38 Years. Also Own a 1975 Hofner 4890 Acoustic Guitar.
  9. Playing Bass since 69', Acoustic Guitar since the Early 70's. I also Own a New Hofner Icon Beatle Bass, Hartke Kickback 10 Bass Combo, and a Fender BXR25 Practice Combo. I kind of wish it had Onboard Controls on it. Lightweight, Great Sounding and Easy to Play ! A Vintage Hofner that is also Cool Looking and has Plenty of " MOJO ! " For the Money, Cannot be Beat ! Worth Far More than What I Paid !
  10. Playing 38 Years. I also Own a Vintage 1975 Hofner 4890 Western Deluxe Acoustic Flat-Top Guitar, Hartke Kickback 10 120 Watt Bass Combo, Fender BXR25 Bass Combo, Rolls Mini-Mix 51 System. If Lost or Stolen I would probably Buy another. I have Previously Owned Vintage 68', Vintage 70' and 63' Reissue Hofner Beatle Basses, and this Bass Holds it's Own with any of Em' ! Hofner has a Winner at $349.00 U.S. and will Mop Up in the Lower End Market ! BUY ONE !.....YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED ! ! !
  11. Playing 37 Years. I wish I had known more about the Truss Rod.
  12. Mike Knowler

    Hagstrom 2B

    Playing since 1969. Also Own a Hofner Model 185 Early 60's Solid-Body Bass, a Hofner 70's Model 4890 Western Acoustic Guitar, a Hartke Kickback 10 Amp, a Fender BXR25 Amp, and a Rolls Mini-Mix 51 System. I Probably wouldn't Buy another Bass like this. I Really don't Like Switches, especially the Tone Switch.
  13. Mike Knowler

    Applause AE-13

    Playing Bass since 1969, Acoustic Guitar since the 70's, had a Five-Year Stint on Fiddle 78' to 82'. I also Own a 1965 Gibson EB-O Bass, a Hartke Kickback 10 Bass Combo, a Fender BXR 25 Bass Practice Combo. This is a Good Little Guitar for what I Paid. It Suits My Acoustic Guitar Playing Needs, which are Rather Mimimal at Best. Small Neck and Scale are also Easier on the Wrist, which doesn't have the same Reach or Stretch anymore. The Round Back Tends to " Roll Around " on My Round Lower Torso ! I'll just have to get used to that ! I wish the AE-13 had Active Electronics and a 4-Band Onboard EQ, but the New Ones Appear to be Equipped that Way.
  14. Mike Knowler

    Gibson EB-0

    See Previous Review. With Dimarzio Upgrade, this is Not only a Vintage Collectible Player, but a Professional Calibre Bass as Well.
  15. Mike Knowler

    Gibson EB-0

    Playing since 1969. Love the Look, Feel, Playability and Sound of the Gibson EB-O. I use it for Heavier Classic Blues & Rock, while I use My Fender Bronco Bass for the other Stuff. Once Again, there is some Muddiness with the Stock Pickup, and these Basses are known for that. In Addition, there is some Neck Heaviness but it is Tolerable & the Overall Bass Weight is a Very Desirable 6.5 Lbs. I used to Own a 1970 Gibson EB-3 and it was a Much more Fragile Bass than this EB-O.
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