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  1. By best friend through high schools dad. Went to lots of shows and rehearsals. Quite cool for a kid who played violin from age 7, and sax from age 9. Then a guy I knew since middle school named Russel. Russel played guitar, wore grunge clothes, and serenaded girls. His dad sold me my first car (74 VW beetle), his girlfriend knew me (maybe 5 years older) and she hired me for my first job. She was ok. He could play, at a level better than anyone else I knew. I picked things up. Then Kurt Cobain. An influence that can not be overstated. The first CD I purchased (even before my highly influential Colombia house membership) was Nirvana's never mind. Personal CD players were just getting priced right so that a kid could get one on his birthday.
  2. Best guitar under 1.5K PERIOD! I got mine cheap and its the most underrated guitar out there. Hands down my favorite guitar. This stomps the economy Martins and Parkwoods, even Recording Kings.
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