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  1. This guitar is a joy and really something fans of the "indie" Fender sound should try out. To anyone else, this would be a unique, finely built Fender with the capacity for a great straight-ahead rock sound and more. Like most Fenders, this is not a full-tilt metal or hard rock guitar, but an instrument with defined, clean, natural tone that sounds great with a bit of grit. It is definitely "different." The switching, shape and tremolo make it an acquired taste for some. For me, these things make the guitar rewarding to play, all the more with the interesting features particular to the J. Mas
  2. I have played for about 25 years. I like rock, indie rock etc. Edgy stuff, sometimes. Has slowly changed over the years. I wish this pedal was around since I started playing - I am finding it invaluable. Brings my Fender Strat and Jaguar to life. Ditto my Gretsch! Total compliment to my awesome Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr. amp. Takes care of all reverb needs that my amp reverb doesn't. Is easy to use and has a very useful selection of sounds. Incidentally, you could pretty much get a spring-like reverb sound by messing with the settings on "Hall" and "Plate," I think. Would replace this pedal immediately.
  3. I've been playing for almost 25 years and never gave a toss about amps! Great guitars, sure! Ric's, Burnses, Fenders, Gibbies, etc! For me, that was the thing. Never paid much attention to amps. Had a traynor Bloc 100 back in the day. Was fine, I guess. And old, tubey sounding Woodson solid state. Meh, not bad. A 100 watt Fender Performer. Was punchy, modern, and had a few sweet spots, I guess. But that was it: every amp had a "sweet spot." A certain volume range resulted in optimum sound. Certain styles worked better than others. Certain guitars sounded better than others. Nice clean tone? Cr
  4. I've been playing for 25 years and have had lot of guitars. Mostly Fenders, though also Rics, Burnses, Gibby's, Epiphones, etc. I'm addicted to Fender tone to a fault. I'm sure it makes no sense these days to fork out $1500 for a guitar, but once you become a fan of something, there's not much you can do! Just sell the guitar you're playing the least and move on the the next one! But the Mustang and Jaguar are the two guitars that gave me a sound I simply could not find anywhere else. It just has that character. For a run-of-the-mill guitar, a good Tele comes the closest. For something a littl
  5. I've been playing for 25 years and have been fortunate to come across all sort of good guitars. Gibsons, Burnses, Rics, lots of Fenders. The Reverend guitar is a relatively new brand that hangs with these classics with ease. Not a metal machine by any stretch, but a real rocker and a real player. Has a few quirks that most mature musicians could adjust to, but overall, this is an immediately playable, useable and likeable guitar that is easy on the hands, eyes and ears. I think for the music styles that this guitar works with, it's a little bit of a shame that it is no longer available with a
  6. I've been playing for 25 years and have seen some nice instruments come and go. Mostly a Fender man, and to giev you some perspective, I think the best sounding guitar I ever owned was a '65 Mustang with the meanest snarl around. It was difficult and stubborn, but I loved it. Was stolen a couple years back :-(. Anyway, have also seen Gibsons and Ric's and even Burns'come and go and have a healthy appreciation for the classics. Yet this young upstart Reverend guitar has my full attention these days. It's fun to play, looks great and is a totally versatile workhorse of a guitar from someone who
  7. I've been a guitar player primarily for the last 23 years or so. I was able to wrap my head around the mandolin recently because I played violin for a couple of years and they're tuned the same. I'm not jamming or in bands so much these days, but the next time I am, I will definitely be testing my bandmate's patience with this baby! In all seriousness, I think they'd be surprised how cool it is and even how useful it is in a rock setting. It really surprised and impressed me. I kind of wish it had an extra pickup. I wish I asked if it had a rtuss rod in the neck. If the answer is "no," then I
  8. Having played for 22 years, I've had Fenders, Gibsons, Rickenbackers, Burns(es?), Epiphones and others. I certainly haven't kept every one of them, as I'm not rich, but I have a few, mostly Fenders. I had run into a bit of money right around the time my local music store had a new flyer out. I'm a sucker for Gibsons, Fenders and some of the nicer Epiphones, and the flyer was full of them. This was frustrating, but my mind was set: I already have (and have had) lots of great solidbodies. There are plenty of subtle differences between every one, yes, but not like a Gretsch. Gretsches feel and
  9. MarkTheriault

    Fender Mustang

    I play this through an Ibanez Tube Screamer and old Boss delay into a 100 w Fender Performer (bad amp, I know!). I've played for twenty years. Aside from my early love of Iron Maiden (I still have a soft spot for 'em!), this guitar would have been a perfect guitar for me if I had gotten it as soon as I started playing! It would have been great for all the classic rock I liked while I also liked Maiden(!), the punk rock I got into after that, the 80's alternative I got into after that, the 90's grunge and alternative I had been waiting for up to that point, and it's great for a lot of new stuff
  10. I really like indy rock/alternative (some are listed above) as well as all the classics you can't avoid when you've been playing as long as I've been (20 years). It doesn't matter what I've liked over the years, whatever it was, it always seems to me that this pedal could fit in somehow. I don't hate distortion, I just don't like how it kind of crowds out REAL overdrive in the market place. Actually, as other reviewers have mentioned, this pedal would be GREAT in conjunction with distortion as a boost, or simply to enhance the overall sound. If you try this pedal without the preconception of f
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