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  1. i've been playing for 6 years, and this is my first pedal. i play everything that needs a guitar (metal, rock, punk, blues...), more rock-solo oriented. i needed something cheap that makes my amp sound better, and i got it. if stolen, i would try to upgrade to a POD or something (i don't want a tube amp & rack pedals rig), and i will in a couple of years. but since i just practice and sometimes play in front of my school, i don't need anything bigger for the moment.
  2. Nicolas-gvXXj

    Ibanez GRG 121

    by then I was pretty much a noob at guitar playing, and I have to say this guitar brought my skills up a looooot (its neck is SUPER FAST!!!) I actually sold it to get a better sounding one now that i've been playing for 6 years and got a new guitar and researched a lot about equipment i can say it's just a beginners guitar, but very good at it totally worth it but better save just a little more for a GRG 270.
  3. I've been playing for about 4 years - I'm fifteen - and this guitar was a big upgrade from my last guitar. I use a Randall 33 W amp, and it works just fine. I don't think I'll ever sell it, if somebody stole this piece, I'd probably look for the one who did it and break his face hard. Every time I open it from my case, I'm amazed at how good this guitar looks, and the sound didn't let me down. I chose this guitar because it was my dream guitar, and I could afford it, and it's a lot of a piece for the price I paid, it's worth every penny. So if you're looking for good quality and low price, your search is over.
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