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  1. The concept behind the G-System is great and TC Electronic really worked hard to get it right. I really like the quality effects. BUT it is my hope that they will release an upgraded version someday. I would buy it the day it was released. There are inevitable challenges setting up the G-System simply because it tries to do so much. Be aware that it is a commitment. It requires plenty of cabling (plan on spending money on this) and effort to get it setup the way you want. You will find yourself tweeking such things as input gain, loop levels, boost level, etc. Also, many people have struggled with the advanced features such as channel switching. It's a great and powerful system but I strongly recommend that you read the TC Electronic bulletin board before purchasing. I'm not an expert on tone or anything, but you can hear me using the G-System on YouTube. Do a search for the band Fayrewether. I am in the more recent videos.
  2. Overall, I love the unit. It lives up to its billing. The price is reasonable and you have a ton of effects, features, and options. Just keep in mind you will be spending a lot of time programming with this one. You have to work for your sound. It will take time. Are you on the fence? Go ahead and buy it. You'll like it, with time.
  3. Overall, I rate this a 7. For a low cost used piece of equipment, you really can't go wrong. You may get frustrated with some things (tone, noise) but you can't argue with the fact that it offers so much. I may continue to use it in my setup... simply because it is so functional. But, I wouldn't pay more than $275.00 for it used (january, 2001)
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