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  1. I've played now for 17 years. I currently own an ESP Vintage Plus strat with prigional Floyd, an Squire Stagemaster, and an Yairi DY85 accoustic and have owned a Charvel fusion and middle of the road Ibanez RGs. My current amps are the Peavey transtube 212EFX and my Peavey Valveking 112. No pedals. I play my Duncan loaded Samick more than my EMG-81 and Duncan rail loaded Vintage Plus if that lends any credit to the possibilities of the Samick. I'm upgrading all four pots to 1meg and installig a Duncan Jazzbucker in the neck, and I can't wait! Thank you.
  2. I've played for 17 years. I own an ESP vintage plus strat, a Samick Avanti (modified pickups), and an Yairi DY85 acoustic. I have owned a Charvel Fusion and Ibanez RGs. My Amps are Peavey transtube 212efx and a Valveking 112. If it were stolen, I probably wouldn't look too far for another. There are so many guitars out there to enjoy in the same price range. Then again, maybe I've just not dialed this one in yet. Also if any of you Stagemaster owners are looking for a cheap but effective modification, Try upgrading your pots to 1 or 2meg. I think they were only $5.00 each. I installed them myself, but it might not cost much to have your local tech do it for you.
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