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  1. i got a pair of M-Audio Bx8 studio monitors a couple years ago for my home studio and they are awesome. they sound amazing and have a special technology where you can put them on different settings so that they can adapt to the space in which you are recording. well, our house was hit by lightening and one stopped working. there is no cosmetic damage to the monitor, it just wont work anymore. i took it to a generic electronic repair guys, but he said that he couldn't fix it. didnt seem like it would be too hard...like maybe it was just a part or two...but i really have no idea so there are no guarantees that it can be fixed. So...i'll sell both of them for 150 and i'm open to trades. They are amazing monitors and things even sound great with the one. the other one could probably be used for parts if it can't be fixed. i'll even throw in an adapter where you can plug both channels into the one monitor incase you cant get the other one fixed. please email me at brettryantalley@gmail.com if you are interested. thanks.
  2. Hey all...i've got a very are Alvarez AD65 up for grabs. I haven't been able to find a lot out there on this guitar, but what i have found has been good. i bought it in 2001 from guitar center. i know that from what i can find, all of the alvarez ad65's were all acoustic, but this one has had a fishman prefix blender system to make it electric acoustic. even though the guitar sounds surprisingly well acoustically, this thing really shines when it's plugged in. it's got a great system and the flat body and f-holes really help the plugged in sound. this guitar has been taken excellent care of. less than a year ago, all of the electronics were cleaned and the guitar was completely set up. it plays great and has wonderful action. it's really easy to play. if you are interested, throw me an offer out. i'm not really interested in trades unless you have an HP w2338h monitor and a pair of bx5a's or rokit 5 monitors. thanks!
  3. very interested, please email me at brettryantalley@gmail.com. thanks!
  4. hey...not trying to lowball...but if you'd entertain 1100, that's the best i could do. thanks.
  5. Hey all...i had a pair of bx8's for my home studio...then lightening struck the house and killed one (but oddly, not the other). i took it to one place, but they said they couldnt fix it...so, i'm looking for a single one. if anyone has a bx8, please let me know!
  6. is it this model http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/KeystationPro88/ if so, i'm definately interested...but would you be willing to cover shipping costs for both since the sp76 is worth more?
  7. if you're not stuck on 88 and are willing to go with a 76, i have an awesome kurzweil sp76 i'd be willing to part with. comes with nice korg case. email me if so...brettryantalley@gmail.com
  8. just bumping this...anyone interested? i'm really just interested in getting a good weighted key midi controller.
  9. I got this mac mini almost a year ago specifically for my recording studio. It's done a great job, but i'm trying to get the funds for a macbook. here are the specs: 1.83 core 2 duo 1gb RAM 80gb HD microsoft office student edition installed apple logic express recording software running leopard and completely up to date ilife 08 Besides those, it will include the original packaging and everything that came with it (keyboard, cables, power cord, dvd's). For the past year, i only used this mac to watch movies and record music. logic express is a great program and can do anything you can imagine. i've never had any sort of problem at all with the mac mini. its fast and will do just about anything. i'm looking for $520 total for the whole thing (which includes some good software already on it!). willing to do local pickup (central ky and central IN during Christmas) or ship. buyer pays actual shipping + 7 handling. hope to hear from you.
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