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  1. Been playing for 15 years, this may be the guitar that I was made to play, it seems like it was built just for me... If I was ever able to have a signature series guitar it would almost be exactly this guitar, I would add 25-30% to the body mass, come with the Duncan SH-11, body/head stock binding, locking tuners, LSR roller nut stock, but if you look these are very superficial and only shows how damn near perfect this guitar is... IBANEZ START MAKING THESE AGAIN!!!
  2. hey i use it as an octave pedal in an overly compicated rig, but the 60 bucks i paid beats the hell out of $100 plus for Boss pitch shifters, plus the tracking and tone on this one is better, I can also EQ a little bit of my octave its very useful to me, worth a 10 however its not for much else thus it gets an 8
  3. As you can see my my set up i like to use effects I play in a band thats modern hard/heavy rock but we also use lots of ambient textures in our music as well this pedal adds so much to that on a guitar...
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