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  1. Hello everyone. I'm looking to upgrade from a licensed Floyd Rose type tremolo in a B.C.Rich Ironbird. I have 3 options and I'd like to know if you have had experience with any of them to see which is best. The options are: a) Gotoh 1996T. b) Schaller Floyd Rose. c) Floyd Rose Original Series. Thank you in advance for your opinions and your help. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  2. Hola a todos. Estoy buscando hacer un upgrade de un trémolo licenciado tipo Floyd Rose en una B.C.Rich Ironbird. Tengo 3 opciones y quisiera saber si han tenido experiencia con alguna de ellas para saber cuál es la mejor. Las opciones son: a) Gotoh 1996T. b) Schaller Floyd Rose. c) Floyd Rose Original Series. De antemano, gracias por sus opiniones y su ayuda.
  3. I don't understand why I didn't buy it before, but now that I have it I'm enjoying this and experimenting the benefits it has; it's made a great impact in my overall sound, so I'm really satisfied.
  4. I love the sound and the looks of this little device. Very cool idea, definitely. Hope that they release more "flavors" (they have 3 so far); I'd get them all. If lost or damaged, I'd buy it again, no doubt. In fact, I'm now considering buying a VOX Valvetronix XL head; it's that good!!!
  5. Now that I've "corrected" all the factory {censored}-ups, is a really nice axe. Next is a new paint job (with quality materials and quality workmanship, something absent here). Red bevels maybe!! If stolen I'd be really angry and probably kill the one who tries this; but I wouldn't rush for another one though. I'd try the Jackson Kelly first, 'cause that was the other guitar I was taking a look to before buying this one. The Jacksons at least have better finishes, and are more ergonomicaly correct guitars I think, and their necks are a little bit faster.
  6. Many good features spoiled by terribly stupid mistakes (design flaws and bad quality components)!!! No wonder they sell it so cheap! It is a mediocre guitar at most and not worth the money (want something cheap but good quality/playability/features?? buy an old RGX Yamaha). (NEW) Kramer - Built to give you a headache!!!! P.D: Old U.S. Kramers are another matter entirely, those really ROCK!!!
  7. One might think: why in Hell do I need an Eq.??? Answer: after you try one out you'll fell the VAST improvement in YOUR sound. It doesn't matter if you already have a nice sounding guitar/amp/effects/speakers/cables/whatever, you can always improve a bit. I felt very satisfied with my former setup, but after adding this magic blue box, I've reached a new level in sound, as simple as that. I found that the bass frequencies on my distortion pedal and the various amps I've played were, at best, "fart-sounding". I couldn't use too much bass 'cause it would sound over-saturated. The bass frequencies (100Hz) on this pedal are ideal to give fullness, body and volume to your signal without making it muddy; no longer do I have to be limited by my equipement, I can go that step beyond in fullness and bowel-moving heaviness without losing clarity!!. The mids control is astounding, I can replicate SUFFOCATION's sound perfectly (when cutting mids) with this pedal + my Digitech METAL MASTER, (think of "Effigy Of The Forgotten" era), althought I prefer to boost some mids (400Hz)to give clarity and attack to my sound. The highs are... like a razor!! Cutting!! I rarely boost highs, but if your setup produces a dark and muddy sound and it lacks brightness, maybe this will be the cure. I once tried a BOSS Eq. with my setup and I was impressed, I didn't know that a sometimes underestimated effect as an Eq. would improve your sound; that's why I wanted an Eq. pedal, but after trying MXR, well... this thing blows every other pedal away, BOSS, DOD, etc!! The next best thing would be an expensive rack-mounting Eq. (a lot more expen$ive!); if stolen I'd be like running with one short leg. I'd buy it again, without hesitation. Some people complains about not having an ON/OFF switch. I think that once engaged you wouldn't let it go, (it's more addictive that {censored} : ) ha ha ha), so it would it be useless. You can always use the different pickup configurations on your guitar (bridge-neck-tone-volume) to achieve timbric differences, eg. lead sound vs. rhythm sound vs. clean sound, etc. The lack of a 9V jack is an advantage to me, one less cable to worry about. Great value and a nice complement to any music style (acoustic or electric). 100% recommended!!
  8. Bernardo Garcia

    Korg PX-3

    It is truly a pandora's box, it can unleash very useful sounds to sparkle new ideas and to make practice time more enjoyable and creative. I guess that the PX4 is a little better, but this one was cheaper and has everything I expected and then some; I needed a cool and portable practice tool, for the rest (performing live & recording) I have my own real gear. I would strongly recommend grabbing one while they last; it doesn't matter if you play Country or Black Metal I bet that you'll find something that suits your style.
  9. I play Death Metal and this thing delivers. Good for palm muting, for fast pickining riffs and for soloing. Very clear sound, very articulate and heavy. From {censored}-Marshall to masculine-Mesa Boogie is all here. If you're into Nile, Mortician, Dying Fetus, Krisiun, Cephalic Carnage, Vader, Bloodbath etc. this is a really nice buy. Highly recommended. I deduct a point for reliability.
  10. I find it to be a nice effect. Well built, but could be better. The sounds are clean and nice. Nice for Metal, Rock and any musical genre where delay is needed. 2 effects for the price of 1, at $59.99 is a good deal, anyway. PLEASE PLEASE, adjust the effect-level reverb IBANEZ. It makes the effect almost unusable on high settings, at least for Death Metal fast soloing. If stolen or damaged I'd search for anything else, maybe a Guyatone, just for trying out something different, or a rack-mountable unit. But, if you have a tight budget and want a nice-sounding delay it would do the trick OK.
  11. A good package!!! I was originally after the BOSS TU-2 but it was a lot more expensive, so I chose this one, 'cause it was the best tuner on the store second to the BOSS. I was skeptical at first but now I love it. Lots of good AND CLEVER features, starting with the backlight, the selector (guitar, bass, etc.), built-in mic, etc. I compared it to a friend's BOSS TU-12; he's jealous now ha ha ha ha, nice thing (better keep an eye on mine!!) It can be used onstage if you put a coin or button on it but you'd better not take such a risk; if you use a locking-nut axe, once it's full-tuned it will stay on almost-perfect pitch all night long, no big deal. I would definitely buy it again if damaged or lost; if stolen I would summon a big nasty Demonic Curse upon the {censored}er who took it. Expensive (for me) but for all it does it justifies the price tag perfectly. A total winner.
  12. A pedal of extremes, not only sound-wise: Highly overrated by many and overpriced, exaggeratedly underrated by many others though; its not the best, neither the worst. Its a fine pedal, it only depends what you want it for. Despite all the happy feelings about it right now, all that I read lately about it are very bad and disappointing reviews. That leads me to question the benefits of the MT-2. Well, I might be very single-minded, but I always can learn a bit from more experienced players (not wannabes please). MANY people think that the MT-2 sucks big time, and that should mean something; people who play REAL METAL in the style of Krisiun, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, Vader, Nile and the likes. I live in Colombia S.A. (A is America not Africa for the geographically imbeciles). I dont have the chance to test that many different effects and brands, so the MT-2 is king of distortions. But I want what is best, Ive read about ART X-treme, SANS AMP GT2, ProCo RAT and TurboRAT, the Jackhammer, etc. If any REAL metalhead has an honest and constructive comment about extreme distortion devices, please feel free to e-mail me bernagh2k@hotmail.com and drop me a bit of your wisdom, I surely as Hell will appreciate it. Thanks.
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