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  1. I play metal and alternative rock. This is a very essential pedal in my pedal board. I wouldn't gig without it. It takes the cake amone octaves because it has a tone control which is very useful. Like most DOD pedals I hate the pedal switch.
  2. I play glam rock and sometimes mainstream when I session. It works with all the artists I've played with. It definitely is a heavy pedal...but it could also go mellow with the right adjustments. I would definitely get another one if this gets stolen. I just love Gain 1. It's warm even at maximum gain. I kinda dislike the treble on this baby. I would compare it to a mesa v-twin. But I like the fact that you can control gain 1 and 2 separately. I wish it had a mid control though, then all my ratings will be 10.
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