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  1. If you plan to have a nice sounding preamp for home/studio use....go for it. This is by no means a quality for playing live. Really poor manufacturing.
  2. I think a distortion pedal is a personal thing and everybody should try out a lot of pedals before going for one particular. I tried trough the last years and owned several pedals, but this one is one of my favorites for transistor distortion. If you are playing anything from rock to metal (even if you play something completely different) just give it shot and try it out. I would buy it again definitely.
  3. I think this wah can be used for various styles in music, as it is very flexible. I think I would buy it again. The only thing I hate is the problem mentioned above. Before I got this wah I tried several other pedals, but this one is really robust and of high sound quality.
  4. Dajal

    Lexicon MPX 550

    So far I rely on my MPX 550 very much and use it all the time. I don't know if would buy it again, probably I would go for a TC. For this price you get high quality reverb and it is worth paying it.
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