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  1. This piece of gear is great for most styles of music except extreme metal - the gain only goes as high as early 90's metal, but there are some great tones in there. I started my musical life in 89 and drooled over this piece of gear when it came out. Now with ebay, anything is easier to find and so I purchased this a couple years ago to relive my past (same excuse for me to buy a Mesa Mk IV and a Marshall Artist 3203) The GFX-1 was the precursor to the 2000 series of processors by digitech. It was a simple design that played on the fact that people built big racks with lots of processors back then. So if it was stolen, I'd go ahead and upgrade to the 2120. Less noisy, more fx and control and I could lose the GSP21 too. Currently this sits in a medium sized rack that has: Furman Power Conditioner Sabine rack tuner Digitech GFX1 Digitech GSP21 Ross stereo 15band eq BBE 362 Marshall Valvestate 120x120 It is nice being able to hook up two cabinets, master power for the rack and footcontroller and being done with setup. With all the patches saved it always sounds great.
  2. If this was lost I'd just buy a used Clapton as it was a PITA to complete this project. That being said, I am glad I don't need to waste money on Name Brand pickups. These look as good as they sound - check out the Timepieces album cover and you'll get the idea-- no writing on the pickups. Everything has been a Plus as far as these pickups go. They have made my parts-o-caster a go-to instrument and a conversation piece.
  3. Jabo-l6uVq

    MXR Phase 45

    I wish it had an LED and a 9v jack, but this is a 81 model and many companies weren't thinking about these things. Another 2 stage phaser that rocks is the DOD 201. It HAS the 9v in but alas no led.
  4. This pedal with the mods/shipping set me back about 85-90 bucks. That's less than a reissue TS9 that ISN'T modded. Boutique tone for an affordable price. Each time you plug into this pedal, you feel inspired to dig in and play. It lets the instrument sound come through as well as the sound of "you" and still has the classic tone with less bass loss and smoother highs. PS his stamps look GREAT on it!
  5. Jabo-l6uVq

    DOD FX69 Grunge

    I bought this pedal when it was first released. It is a shame that they make the fx-69b as that underscores the value of this pedal. It also still chaffes me when I see what these are going for now and remember what I paid. Usually the ratio is reversed :-(
  6. This is a great match for any music where you want to "cut through" the mix a little bit. Definatley adds presence and brilliance to signal. Speed pot offers a wide range. Super value!!! 2 knob pedals rule.
  7. Jabo-l6uVq

    DOD FX35 Octoplus

    This pedal is good for sound fx or for adding some low end to your tone. I like it because it sounds synth-like when used with a envelope filter in front. Still, it doesn't quite sound as good as other octave units I've tried/owned. Purchased for a DOD pedalboard from the 80's. Made in USA!
  8. I own LOTS of pedals from Boss, Ibanez, EH, DOD and many clones too. I bought this as an alternative to the overpriced and overrated DOD 440. It resides on my DOD FX-100 board along with 4 other USA DOD boxes. Glad these are still cheap. Great filter.
  9. For playing 70's 80's metal/hard rock there isn't anything better out there for me. The boost feature really sets it off, I wonder why no one else thinks of this stuff -- super versatile. In 19 years of playing I have had lots of toys. Currently owning 13 electrics 2 acoustics 2 basses and an assload of amps keeps me pretty happy until I am looking for a tone that I can't get. Don't get me wrong, NOTHING sounds like a Marshall but a Marshall. Pedals can't replace tubes but this comes REAL close. Add in the versatility of the boost and the fact that you can use it with Fender and you get sonic nirvana. The Zvex super hard on pedal goes for over 250. This guy was a hundred bucks less and includes the BSIAB too(sorry Zac) and like ZVex has a custom paint job and is all hand wired.
  10. I wouldn't mind having bridge pickup a tad hotter, but am overall pleased with the tone of this Les Paul. I did an A/B test with a Les Paul Jr with a p90. The Jr still has more balls but the Phat Cats tend to be very articulate -- all notes are clear in both positions with an upper mid bite as opposed to a little muddiness with a lower mid growl in the P90 on the Jr. I've been playing Fenders, Gibsons and Paul Reed Smiths for 18 years thru a variety of Boogies, Fenders, Marshalls and other amps. I had always wanted a Les Paul Goldtop and ran across this one at a great price. I knew the stock pickups weren't for me beforehand and had planned on changing. Didn't plan on going single-coil like some of the real "classic" LP's, but am glad I did. The only thing better would be to get a 56 reissue goldtop with p90's factory installed. Should that ever happen, I can always change the pickups out of here again (sigh) G.A.S. is a serious word
  11. I love sound toys. This is one that can be used often -- especially the orange sqeezer half. Very versatile. BTW I got this kit assembled for pennies more than axe and you shall receive and it is painted/labeled with artwork from the USA!
  12. If you play any kind of music that needs a little kick in the arse from time to time, this pedal will do the trick. Not only is the kit prebuilt well, but the paint and graphics are cool too. The bottom panel has a great decal on it - conversation starter - and there is room left for velcro should you use a board. If lost/ganked I would have to have another one. PS the best thing about Sandor is that you get a completed pedal, painted and labeled for about the price you can get one unpainted from BYOC's axeandyoushallreceive.com
  13. This amp is just another addition to my already too large collection. It sits amongst several Mesa/Boogies, vintage Fenders and a few Marshalls and holds its own. Though it was designed to be voiced like old Bassmans/JTM45's/JCM800's it still has its own unique sound that blends in well with other amps. The amp responds well to single coils and humbuckers alike and weighs in at less than 7 pounds. It even has a topless mermaid on their amp logo -- What's not to like?!?!
  14. After 2 decades of playing, I still love my Mesa's and other older Fender amps. I love the glassy sound of 6v6's and 6L6's and my amp repitoire shows it. Of all my amps only one is a EL84. The rest are 6L6 or 6V6. This amp shines for recording and working on scales/progressions in the living room. Great vibe and a great deal! When was the last time you paid 200 bucks for a brand new all tube amp? The 80's?
  15. Jabo-l6uVq

    Marshall JTM-30

    After 15 years I've had lots of gear. Some great some not so great. I have an affinity for Fender Amps and currently own 5 of em. 6L6 tubes define my tone for me and this Marshall is the best of both worlds sound wise. Not as pretty internally as a hand wired amp but these weren't made for that. Overall it sounds good with Humbuckers P90's and single coils and does have that old Marshall Plexi tone. It's lightweight, loud and great to look at. No other marshall looks like this. The tolex is a grey brown nightmare that you have to see to believe. JTM 30 logo on the chassis is kinda goofy, but that's ok. Sometimes I wish it had a single 12" instead of the 2 10's for more bottom end -- maybe I need to swap out the factory 10's for some new ones with a little more oomph or just use an extension cab.
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