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  1. Falc

    Diesel Pickups RM

    Again, the price of these pickups must be figured into the final rating of 10. If I had paid two hundred I might say it was a 7 or an 8. The pickups in the picguard look great and the hardware is better than what comes on a Squier. These humbuckers take that strat and make it a real rocker. I really like it.
  2. I have been playing in a band for eleven years. I have been playing for about forty years. I really like this guitar. If were stolen I suppose I would replace it. I like it just the way it is.
  3. I have been playing gigs every week, at least once, for about ten years. I have been playing for about thirty years. I own a stack of guitars including a Martin, Seagull, Washburn, Ovation, and a Les Paul. If this guitar was stolen I would shop around but, I seriously doubt I could find anything in this price range that is this good. I don't really care about names as much as quality. I have seen Gibson's that were garbage and Squires that were awesome. If you find a great guitar that handles like a corvette and makes sounds that stir your soul, hang on to it. This particular guitar is, for the money, a great workhorse of an instrument.
  4. I have been playing at guitars for nearly all of my life. I have been playing weekly gigs for seven years. I own a whole stack of guitars. I will only mention the ones that seem to need mentioning. I have an Indiana Strat knockoff. It's OK. Not in the same ball park as this guitar. I own a Martin DC17E, a Washburn acoustic, an Ibanez Artcore electric, a Jay Turcer single cutaway, a Raven West RM300, a Seagull 12 string, a 1974 Yamaha classical, a Line6 Variax 600, and an assorted collection of mandolins and a banjo. If this guitar was stolen I would get another one. No doubt. I might mention that while I was on the prowl for a Strat I tried lots of Fenders and Squires. I also tried a G&L that was awesome, but with an awesome price tag. I think this guitar is up there with the grand plus priced guitars. It is way ahead of everything that is even close to it's price range. If I had one wish, I wish it came in blue.
  5. I have been playing in a band every week for nine years. I have been playing guitar for about thirty years, on and off. I have 10 guitars including: Martin DC-17E, Raven West K2-RM300, Ibanez AFS75T, 1974 Yamaha Classical, Seagull, Washburn, Jay Turcer, Line-6. If this guitar were stolen I wouldnt rush out to buy another one. Not that it's a bad guitar. I might buy another one but, I might get a real fender if I have the cash. I do love the bang for buck in this guitar. It really is a great buy. I cant say that there is anything I "hate" about this guitar. I didnt compare it to anything before I bought it. My brother has a Squire Strat and I think I like the Indiana better. The action is certainly better.
  6. I have been playing in a band for six years. I have been playing for nearly thirty years. I have a whole stack of guitars, including but not limited to: Martin DC17E, Washburn Music barn edition, Jay Turcer, Line 6 Variax, Seagull 12 string, Ibanez Artcore, Yamaha classical, mandolins, and a banjo, etc.. If this guitar were lost or stolen I would immediately replace it with another one. My favorite feature in this guitar is that I love Les Pauls but cant spend six grand to get one. I have picked at and played a literal ton of guitars in my lifetime. I have never seen one in this price range that was this level of quality.
  7. Falc

    Ibanez AFST75T Artcore

    I have been playing for 30 years. I own a whole list of guitars. Right now my fav is a Line6 Variax 600. That is the bomb.
  8. Falc

    Jay Turser JT-200

    I have been playing with a band for about seven years. I played for more years than I can remember before that. Lets say a total of 30. If this axe was stolen I would shake the guys hand. Other than the fact that it makes nice art on my wall there are no other redeeming qualities about this guitar. For art it was well worth the cost.
  9. Falc

    Martin DC-17E

    I cant believe I own a guitar that sounds and acts this nice. It is way past every other guitar I have ever owned (Washburn, Seagull, Yamaha, Ovation, Aria). Bang for buck it is, I think, one of the best guitars on the globe.
  10. I have been playing for a long time. However, I have played in a band for 3 1/2 years. I own 4 full time guitars and 3 part timers. I really think this amp has a fantastic acoustic sound for the cash outlay. I only wish it had a little more volume capability, although I have never needed it.
  11. Falc

    yamaha G225 Classical

    I have been playing this guitar far many years, as has half of the class of 1992. I also own an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe, an Aria Pro 12 string, a Washburn Music Barn custom 6 string and a Jay Turser JT200C Les Paul knock off. If it were stolen I could naver find another. I guess I would have to just get over it. It's much better than many (mabey all) of the classicals I have seen today.
  12. I have had this guitar for about 6 months. Play it every day. It is my favorite. If it were stolen I would be seriously pissed.
  13. I have been playing for several years but, seriously and with a band for about two years. I wish that I had listened to more guitars before buying this guitar. If it were stolen I would not buy another. I wish this guitar had a better sound when not plugged in. It is a terrible "around the camp fire" guitar.
  14. Falc

    Jay Turser JT-200C

    I have been playing in a band (every week) for about two years. I own an Aria Pro 12 string, a Yamaha classical, an Ovation Celebrity Delux, and a Washburn, Music Barn, Custom. This is my first electric guitar and I just love it. I tried a lot of Strat versions and to me, none were as good as this guitar (in the price range). If it were stolen I would get another one. If you want an inexpensive Les Paul that is not as heavy as a man hole cover then this is your axe.
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