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  1. First..I really like this thing...if you ever thought..gee I'd like something other than a typical stompbox to step on when you take a lead or accent a song..well here it is..come and get it! Next...while there are a couple of other similar sounding devices out there...if your the type who has wondered..what would it be like if the maker put enough ability to tweak the box fully for better or worse throwing caution to the wind regarding results so you could endlessly experiment...again...wonder no more...come and get it! I'd buy another in a heartbeat cause its very useable if you let yourself get into it. You dont have to max it out every inch of the way...play it cool and its musical as all hell yet nicely different...go extreme and surprise..even shock yourself and others...you'll have all the girls and boys wondering how you did that...whatever it was..if ya wanna! Also...this gets along great with my other boxes...I use it right along with an M-13...no problem....sounds insanly good with a POG btw as well as wah pedals and auto wahs..use all your whirly swirly stuff with it...you name it. I have fun with this pedal...I would caution though...this aint your daddies tube screamer...so much more than a ring modulater and you need to be a tweaker...other than that....lots of possibilities!
  2. OK...avoid this pedal like the swine flu. This is a case of splitting a hair to many times...going to the well once to often....I dunno! I own a Fulldrive...total exellence. I also own an OCD...again I bow to the greatness of its creater. But...... The Catalst is a complete waste of money...garbage beyond garbage...I wouldnt even puke on it so not to offend the puke! As a boost..ok it boosts...but there is no quality overdrive or distortion on your way to the fuzz. Its abrupt...there is no smoothness or decent level of sustain enhancement. Nothing silky on any level going on here. It does not resemble any type of classic type fuzz or modern fuzz you've ever heard. Its claim of replacing several pedals on your pedal board is a joke. Not only is the joke unfunny...I think its complete false advertising. This is proof that just because a company makes other good products it doesnt mean everything is as good...also proves boutique doesnt always count for anything worthwhile. I hung in there with it for a few weeks trying it with several amps...Twin Reverb...Blue Angel...Carr Mercury...with several guitars...PRS McCarty...several reissue Strats...G & L Asat Classic S. Get the picture...all quality amps and guitars. I'm returning it...I'm out the shipping..thanks! Discount my review all you want...YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!
  3. I Play Um

    Heritage H-137

    I've been playing guitar for 39 years. I own many guitars. Fender , Gibson ,PRS,G&L,Gretsch,Rickenbacker,Carvin. I play Rock , Hard Rock, Classic Rock ,Blues , Jazz , a bit of Metal when I want to blow the stink off. For most of what I play the 137 is perfect. I love the semi - clean growl and snarl this guitar gets. I've tried other P-90 guitars ,even the expensive ones and this guitar rocks. If something happened to it I'd get the same guitar all over again. If it were stolen I would'nt use that as an excuse to try something else. I'd want another 137.
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