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  1. Absolutely a 10. Perfect fit and finish as you would expect from a master guitar builder. The neck pocket is tight, frets are filed just right, and action is right where I like it. I've been on a relic kick for awhile and my wife is excited to have a work of art in the living room now instead of a beat up looking guitar. I'm thrilled with what James built for me and would commission another one just like it from him in a split second if it were ever lost or stolen
  2. 10 plus , 5 stars, highest marks. If it were ever lost or stolen I would definitely commission another one. I’d consider getting a flame next time if he couldn’t find any wood as beautiful as this quilt. I have a pretty nice collection of guitars and my top four were all made by Ronson.
  3. Overall I absolutely loved the guitar. I wasn’t too thrilled with the pickups, but that would be an easy swap. I just got to a period of time with too many guitars and not enough time to play, and I kept looking at the case and feeling guilty about it sitting in there not being played. It’s the only guitar I’ve ever felt that way about. So I ended up trading it for a Gretsch. The new owner couldn’t be any happier. He sold his other guitars and bought a Mesa Boogie amp and was in heaven. I felt almost sick trading it but most of that feeling went away after Mark built me a custom guitar sometime later. I still miss it a little bit though.
  4. If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about the Blues Boy. Aside from the sound, my next favorite thing about the guitar is the neck. It seemed a little wide as a first impression, and that was one thing I definitely didn't want (I've got pretty small hands). But I found out by playing it a lot that this neck is really comfortable, and my wrists don't get tired at all. You start pushing 50 you have to think about these things. After a bit of a break I'm resuming my guitar playing hobby, and have collected a few guitars to play with (Fender, Gibson, Martin, and Schecter being the better ones). I was looking for something a little more unique, a nice sounding & nice looking guitar that wouldn't just sit in the case, and I definitely found it. I would buy another Blues Boy in a heart beat, just like this one, except maybe with different color burst just for fun. I liked this guitar so much that I ordered a Ronson Duece model can't wait to try it out!
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