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  1. Hey all, I am not a midi person and am just starting to figure this stuff out. I have a Boss ES-8 and a Eventide H9 I'm trying to get to talk to each other. I figured out out to get my patches to change with the H9 but when using the Boss computer Editor, I keep getting a midi connection error. So I currently have this setup: Win7 with a Behringer UMC204HD Interface. Connection is Behringer Midi out to Boss ES-8. Boss out to in H9. H9 out to in Behringer audio interface. The H9 is set to channel 1. The ES-8 is RX is globally set to RX channel 2 and Dev 2. Via the Boss ES-8 Editor everything works but I get midi connection errors and I dont understand why. Maybe someone here has experience with a similar setup? thanks!
  2. I'm wondering if it's possible to A/B my Fender Bassbreaker 45 2x12 combo and Orange Dark Terror 15 head without having to use an extra cab? I want to utilize the Fender for clean and the Orange for my overdrive tones. As long as I keep impedance in mind, is it possible to split the Fender 12" combo speakers into two feeds, so one will go to the Fender and the other to the Orange? Or without causing damage to the amps, is it possible to use a 1/4" speaker Y connection adapter to connect the two amps to the 2x12 combo speakers? Might be dumb questions but just trying to figure it out. If I must use two cabs, I'll certainly do that, but if I don't have to, that would be easier. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Hey, Im looking to swap out my pups on my American Jazz 4 string. I'm not really looking for 'traditional' Jazz tone, but just want to get as much punch and fatness as I can out of the bass. I would probably get rid of the bass but I just love the way it plays and feels. I just want less mid growl and more low end punch. Would Duncan Quarter Pounders probably be my best option? Thanks,
  4. Just an update. Got the new amp a few days ago and after 3 hours of playing though it, not one issue.
  5. I played the Gretsch with the stock Broadtron's for a bit but there was just too much midrange and not enough low end for me. I like a bit of a scooped sound. So with it stock it was very much AC/DC tones. I have a '59 Duncan neck installed and love it. The Duncan Distortion in the bridge isn't for my taste. Sounds almost too brittle and the output doesnt match well with the '59 neck. So I have a '59 Custom Hybrid on order to replace the Distortion. The Duncans in the Gretsch sound awesome. The traditional Gretsch sound is pretty much lost and it sounds more Les Paul like. But not as dark as a LP. I got the guitar for its playability and build quality for the price point and was probably going to replace the pickups from the start. Happy I did. The tone is warmer with more clarity in the highs and a less muddled bottom. Can't wait to get the bridge pup in there.
  6. Yes, just got the amp a couple weeks ago. Called the place i got it from and they are sending a replacement. It was a blemished and there was zero argument about getting it exchanged. Looks like i recieved someone else's headache. All should be well in a couple of days.
  7. Thanks for the ideas, everyone. I'll answer what I know at this point. The bridge pickup is a Duncan Distortion, so it's a fairly high gain pup. The squeal has only happened when I've been at rehearsal and having the 40w amp up half way. So pretty loud. It's never done it at home at low volumes. When the sound does happen, muting the guitar and turning down the volume on the amp does nothing. The only way to stop the sound is by turning the amp off by hitting the standby switch or on/off switch. I could take my guitar to a music store, but I've been playing it for a few hours here and there at home and nothing has happened. It's that random. I've even popped the back plate to my guitar and wiggled the wiring as I played and nothing happened. I'm now leaning towards a microphonic tube. Replacements are cheap and I'll get some in to see if that'll help. WRGKMC, I like Electro Harmonix and Tung-sol tubes. Thanks again,
  8. Im using an Xvive system, so no cables from guitar to pedal board. Just a single cable from pedal board out to amp. I thought the Xvive might be the cause and ran a cable direct from guitar to amp and the issue happened with two different cables, so i ruled that out. Appreciate the brainstorming as i try to get this sorted.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, i only have one guitar and one amp. Im using a wireless for the guitar to pedal board. So no cables were moved during playing. mostly wondering if its even possible to a short signal from the guitar to hit the amp and cause the amp to freak out and have to be shutdown to stop the noise. Hard narrowing it down because its random.
  10. Hello, I'm having a hard time figuring out which is at fault with my rig. Is it my guitar or is it my amp? My guitar is a Gretsch G5220 loaded with Duncan pups which I installed at the same time I got a new tube amp, a Blackstar Club 40 mkii. I installed the pups and got the amp right around the same time and after playing with a band for the second time, and at half volume on the amp, the amp will just scream a mid-frequency squelch that can only be stopped by hitting the standby switch. I only have this one electric guitar to use so I can't really run another one to test it with the amp. I did go through all the wiring for bad welds and grounds and all looks good. There's zero ground hum from the guitar. Maybe the amp shipped with a bad tube? I did do a microphonic check on the tubes and didn't hear anything through the speakers. It's done this a few times now and at completely random times. If it was my guitar causing the issue, wouldn't hitting my Boss tuner to mute the signal to the amp stop the sound? When it's done this, I'm curious if there's a wiring issue with my guitar, and if so, would a jolt from crossed up wires cause the amp to freak out to the point where it has to be shut off like I'm doing? If not, I'm hunting for issues with the amp. Thanks for taking the time to read through this and help out if you can.
  11. Here's some pictures. I circled the mosfets that tested defected. I feel confident to be able to replace the mosfets. The other parts that were mentioned, I don't know until I know which ones they are and how they are connected to the board.
  12. Okay, just tested the Mosfets. Looks like 4 out of the 8 are short circuited. And I didnt really notice until now, but the tops of the silver metal part is discolored to a sorta copperish hue. Now how do I find the right ones to replace them? Thanks so much everyone for your help with this!
  13. So they have to be pulled to be tested? I'll see on the back of the circuit board but I'm pretty sure they are simple soldering points. Great link, that will surely help!
  14. Just more information: No, this is my old amp that I was using at the church. I was given a cable to connect my cab to the amp but never thought to check if the cable was for a speaker or instrument. (I'll have to check next week when I play there again). But I play at such low volume I figured it didn't really matter in that situation which cable was used. When the amp stopped working at the church, I thought it was the connection to my cabinet since the amp has barely been used. Once I brought it home, I used my heavy duty speaker cable hooked up to the cabinet and there is no output. That was the first thing I checked. I tested the cabinet with another amp and it is in good working order. So it does seem the power amp section of the cab is dead. I honestly don't know if it's really worth getting it fixed. My Ampeg center is about an hour away. I think I am stuck with a Micro Ampeg practice headphone amp.
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