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  1. This is a fantastic effects/preamp unit and i still think its better than the majority of newer processors. You can pickup fantastic bargains on 3Bay, i had a 94 express and 94 X-15 foot controller for ¿¿160. My favourite feature has to be the dual pitch transposer ( dual octave divider), you can get some really wierd tones from it. The only problem that i can see in the future for these units is the fact that there will be very few spare parts for them. Alot of the things on them you can replace yourself, LCD's, knobs, switches, the valve, power supply, transformer, etc...But its the digital components that will be hard to get hold of. I am lucky enough that i have another SGX (although its broken) and a spare X-15 that i can use for spares. If you see one on for sale, buy it !
  2. Mr Express

    Marlin Loner

    i have been playing for a while and have owned various guitars but nothing comes near to my precious marlins (the other marlin is a black state of the art series, read the review . i also own a randall 75watt tube amp and an ART SGX2000. brilliant guitar and a crazily low price. if any of my marlins were stolen (especially State of the art series one) good look finding one to replace it as the loner and state of the art series are very hard to come by. If anyone has any information on marlin loner guitars please e-mail me on joel_weston@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Mr Express

    ART SGX 2000

    i mostly play neo classical and sweep picking styles. the ART covers them all with ease. my favourite feature has to be the preamp its amazing, the amount of adjusting and customizing you can do is really good. What more can i say, its well built, sounds great and there are some good deals on the second hand ones.
  4. excellent first amp, great sounding, loud, nice and easy to use and very very cheap.
  5. A fantastic amp for the money, built well, tube preamp, 75 watts of power which is more than enough to do a small gig with (if you need more power you can link it up to a cab) I use this amp with an ibanez S470, ibanez Jem and a Marlin state of the art series guitar. And an A.R.T GSX2000 tube effects processor. this amp covers all of my styles, which are, neo-classical rock, sweep picking and overall shredding!!
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