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  1. I would at this point definitely replace it if it was stolen. The amp is very practical for me in the streets. I can hook up my MD-player, insert that footswitch, plug in my balalajka and just go. Whatever I wanna do in the moment I can do, be that to just play a simple, beautiful melody with lots of reverb on the long notes, jam over a funky beat, or play something classical to a piano backing track, it's all right there at my feet. Earlier I couldn't do the jam thing, I couldn't just play something wild to a simple beat. I missed the improvisations a lot when I was busking alone, now I have that option too. There havev been other amps with more or less similar ideas but this is "all in one" and very portable and affordable.
  2. I couldn't wait to write this review until after I've gigged with it. And besides, I did bring it to a jam session the first thing I did after buyting it and I know it'll work just fine for my kind of gigs. I've neveer been so sure of what I was doing when buying an amp as when I got this one, at least not for many, many years. When I got my first Maxi Mouse amp I was very certain too sicne it is the best busking amp ever made and that was my goal in life at the time (still is in a way, busking is too much fun to ever give it up) but all other amps I've bought over the years have been... ah, there's always been something. The tone, the price, the weight, the look... always something that didn't please me. Not with this amp! I give it a ten right now, knwoing this may change after a few gigs with it. yes, this amp will be the main gigging amp for me. i play quiet gigs, and if it's not loud enough I'll just mike it. But once again, it feels as if someone thought of me when they came up with this amp. The Epiphone Valve Jr sounds great but isn't really the thing for me. This is much cleaner and not as loud and that is what I want. I'd replace it if it was stolen. It's so cheap I could buy one extra right now. The price makes me feel a little guilty almost and I really don't want to think about the poor chinese kid who assembled this but let's just hope that his future is brighter because they'¿¿re taking over the global market...
  3. Perhaps too early to tell, I just got the amp but I think it's gonna work well. It sounds pretty much the same as the amp it is replacing, which was too big for me to carry to gigs, so I think it'll fullfill its "mission". I'd replace it if it was lost or stolen.
  4. Great amp. I wanted to have one that was small enough for me to carry it to work more or less everyday without being bothered by it. This is it. And for what it's worth... I've played in the streets for over 10 years. This amp is as loud as you'll ever need. Or at least in most cases that's true. People want to hear you when you play something cool in the streets but they don't want the sound to attack them. This amp is just right.
  5. I don't use wah a lot but when I use it it's in conjunction with a clena tone and slide, so the wah needs to be smooth.
  6. One of the very best pedals I've ever tried. Sure it costs some money but I know already that I won't regret it. Buy quality, cry once as they say.
  7. [Comments] I got a much fatteer, much smoother tone with this pick-up. It has helped the higher part of my register a lot. The slide tones aren't harsh anymore, but fat. this is what I wanted. Plus the pick-up really has a lot of overtones.
  8. Terje

    Dobro Duolian

    When I had paid for all the fixing that needed to be done it was a decent single cone Dobro. The most important thing, the tone, was pretty good. I later sold it and have no desire to replace it.
  9. Terje

    tech 21 Killer Wail Wah

    It's a great wah-wah pedal that you really should check out. It's more modern sounding but the modes are all very musical. Easy to work with and very quiet. If there's one thing I'd complain about it is that there's sometimes a very audible "click" when you turn it on.
  10. Cute amp, fine sound. And the simplicity of it makes you concentrate on playing so it's great for a practice amp.
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