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  1. Krisztian

    Charvel Model 5FX

    This guitar is a very good one. Pickups worth to change, then it will be close to perfect. The bottleneck could be the JT-6, not bad but very different than a standard Floyd Rose. Otherwise, this guitar sounds like a dream, suitable for many styles, overall I love it very much.
  2. This was my first 7-string. I play the (6 string) guitar for 15 years. The critical issue is the 26" scale neck. If you can live with it, buy this guitar, but it would require to revise your playing and sound settings. I loved this guitar, but I have already sold it, and bought a non-mahogany, normal scale guitar, because my preamp is not programmable and I change guitars often, so I prefer to use one sound setup for all guitars. My other guitars are poplar, so quite different than sound of mahogany.
  3. Krisztian

    Engl E520 Preamp

    My unit could be a little bit defective (see reliability), but it does not affects the tone, which is awesome. I love it, if it were stolen I would get another one. I wish it had a foot-switchable gain for Clean and/or Contour like Engl E530. I do not miss the amp-simulated output, because I do not need such. Anyway, this unit can be more brutal than E530, considering amount of Gain and better dynamics. I also like E530 which is a darker sounding unit for the late 90s or even today, but if you need classic (80s, early 90s) sound, soft rock or even death metal, the E520 is for you. It has better clean sound than E530 as well.
  4. Krisztian

    Aria AMB-35

    Good for its price. If you do not really need electronics, just playing acoustically (in room because it can be quite inaudible around the campfire , I recommend to buy it. Considering neck, action etc. it is quite similar to Applause models, except shape of back, but I prefer shape of Aria. If it were stolen, I would not buy it again, but I would buy similar with active electronics. I am basically an electric guitar player, and this guitar served me well to play something different sometimes, extend my musical horizon, make my fingers stronger and something to be carried with myself when I go to vacation and still want to practice without amp or anything. So, if you can but it at a low price, and you have similar needs to mine, I recommend to but it. if you need active, you can install it later.
  5. It is a very good unit, still better than digital modeling units out there, if you like real tube sounds. I have used if for more than 10 years, and it served many styles well, and I still could get new sounds out of it. I love this unit, because it is not so popular, and have its own sound, and its pink painting is also nice I wish it had a second tube for heavier styles, otherwise it is a fully OK unit.
  6. Krisztian

    Korg AX1000G

    Good as a first digital unit for beginners, especially if you can get it cheap. Suitable for metal styles. If you are not into metal but lighter styles, buy a Boss GT-6 instead, which will cost more. I know guitar players who use AX1000G with expensive guitars and amps in live, but I think this unit will not improve the sound of a good guitar or amp, but uniform it, like all cheap digital units. I had a Korg AX30G (was very good that time) and I can not tell you that AX1000G is much better... so I would not buy it again. Please do not interpret my words like it would be a bad unit, because it does not. I just prefer real tube sound much better. I really like Korg and they concepts. If I were a keyboard player, I would use Korg exclusively...
  7. I would recomment it to anybody who wants to use their own pedals or modeling effects. It serves them very well. As I mentioned, I have already modified this combo, so now i am happy with its distortion (I am a guy from the 80s I think I would but it again. This was my first tube combo, and I have learned many things during maintaining, tube changing, biasing this combo. I often use it when test/try preamp tubes. It is rare, and it is cheap. The only thing I miss so far (except I have already modified that this combo were an open-back type. I do not like closed cabinets in general, but it is a matter of taste. Of course I could open it, modify it, but due to its construction, it would require some extra protection for the circuits (eg. power amp is in the bottom of the box, so avoid to drop anything into it again: Like ALL older units like this, designed to work at 220V or 240V (switchable). Actually in EU there is 230V for many years, so you have to think about it. I recommend to set such units to 240V. Tubes will be a bit underheated (5.9V instead of 6.3V) but it is still better than overheating... as an extra, you can get closer to Brown Sound of Eddie van Halen
  8. Considering its cheap price (especially used) it is OK, but definitely not the final step for searching the ultimate tone. For example, Hughes and Kettner Tubeman2 has double or triple price, and Tube Machine reminds me Channel2 of Tubeman2 a little bit.
  9. I have used it for ages, good for various styles. I have already sold it, just to try something else. It is really comparable to similar units, even rackmount preamps. My Engl E530 sounds very similar to this unit. If you like its features I recommend to buy it.
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