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  1. Other than this unit, I own a Rt.66 pedal (Visual Sound), and I want to get a wah and Zoom UF1 fuzz. This is a setup I'd wanted for a long time, and it's my ideal, so I guess I'd have to get it again. I love how it sounds unique--bright, full, and very smooth, like I'd always wished a Fender would sound, with nice compression. There's not one thing I don't like. I've played Vox AC15, Fender Deluxe Reverb, a bunch of Marshalls, a Matchless SC30, etc. Channel 1 sounds like a Sunn Model-T, 2 & 3 sound closest to a Deluxe Reverb, channel 4 is like nothing else (super-saturated Matchle
  2. For the price I paid, a great axe. Closest thing out there to a Gibson strat in my book. I play jazz rock and blues rock, on the philosophy that a person should buy a decent guitar and put all their money into the greatest amp they can find. The Blues-90s are the next best thing to the mystery-shrouded Reverend P-90s. Small body, light weight, good tone with a semi-hollow thing going on. Nice warmth and resonance with good brightness and clarity, and good heat.
  3. Needless to say, I didn't buy it. The comparably-priced TopHat was the runaway winner of the three amps I played with for over an hour. It does have a good creamy tone and some definitie dimensionality, and the tremolo is cool, but when it's next to an amp that is shimmery and swirly and alive, this has to fall short of TopHat, Alessandro, Matchless, Fargen, Bogner, etc. A good amp, but not a god-send. For the money, Fargen and TopHat will serve you better. Keep working at it, though! I'm sure these amps will get there someday!
  4. For the price, it's a 9.5. The sound is great, and the only flaws are the lack of arm contour, and the limits on finish, both of which could be fixed by a change in production. In all other ways, it's perhaps the best guitar I've ever played for under $2000, and a serious contender even above that price range for custom, hand-made soapbar guitars. Better than a Jazzmaster for being dead-quiet. Best value I've encountered by a long shot.
  5. This was NOT a bluesy pedal at all. It would work great as a grunge pedal, but it also sucked every ounce of acoustic tone out of my acoustic, and made it sound like a Les Paul. That's not natural, or desirable. A pedal should enhance a guitar's tone instead of killing it.
  6. For $100 used, it's all I wanted or needed it to be. Considering how well it does the ADA Flanger thing, and for how good the stereo 4-voice chorus is, with programmable 4-band parametric EQ, all stored in memory, it was worth it. I wish it had proper grounding, or that it had a HUSH circuit rather than a bad noise-gate. For my purposes, it's the best choice for my needs and not wanting to spend a ton on two great chorus pedals and a great flanger pedal and a few EQ pedals, or even spend for a really good processor. For most people's uses, this would be a terrible mistake.
  7. The only reason I don't jump to give it a perfect ten is because when I was at Woodwind & Brasswind picking it up, there was a hand-made Taylor with one-of-a-kind inlay/features for $5,500 new that was just unbelievable, a work of flawless art. I give it a ten anyway because for the price there was nothing that even came close by miles to approaching the look, feel, and plugged-in tone (and the unplugged tone isn't bad at all, despite an inherent thinness from the body shape). Unless I manage to come up with $5,500 tomorrow to go back for that Taylor, this is probably the last acoustic I
  8. I ordered a $500 guitar that sounds like $500, and today am dealing with a guitar (no idea what the CE retails for) that should cost no more than $300...expensive playability, poor tone, some noise, and less-than-stellar cosmetics. Tuning stability was good, has a good resonator tone, but like I said, nothing that'll floor you for the price. Like I said, I have no idea what a CE costs, but pay no more than $300 tops for one, and don't expect it to sound like you paid more than that! The GCE is better, and like I said, I did business with Musician's Friend, and they went the extra mile t
  9. If you're looking to acentuate a mild guitar tone, try this! A tight signal doesn't work as well, but this will add a lot of warmth and a unique, subtle texture. On a bass, it sounds like a regular bass chorus, which is a sound I've never really cared for.
  10. When purchasing, I wasn't thinking of slide-playing: I was primarily looking to replace my old acoustic with something more playable but not incredibly expensive, and also to get something I could plug in while waiting 10 months for my Anderson Hollow Drop Top (college graduation present to myself) to be completed. This is a memorable guitar, not one I would name and keep forever, but still very playable and does a warm plugged-in rhythm or bluesy lead (B.B. King tones are here aplenty). After I get my Anderson, I think I'll be using this guy still for a lot of backing rhythm work. The wool
  11. This sums it up--in all respects equal to a Peavey Predator, except a Peavey Predator is more playable. That's as bad a review as anyone can ever give a guitar, I think. Go for a Fender import for a backup guitar or beginning guitar...some of those can even be later modified to good intermediate or performance guitars. This lacks the potential even for that.
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