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  1. This bass may be more expensive than most, but you do get what you pay for here. I also have owned: an Ibanez SR-800, Warwick Fortress, Spector NS-2, Spector NS4-rfm, and Modulus Quantum five. IF they could come up with some better body designs, and maybe even some new headstocks(they used to market a graphite neck that looked like a P-bass neck), I think a lot more people would consider playing these. This IS a good bass for those who like Steinbergers, but don't like the 'headless' look(I do).
  2. Keith -mhQnr

    Korg DW-8000

    Overall, I think that this is the BEST analog synth you can get for the money. IF you can afford a Roland JP-8000, Clavia Nord(Lead or Lead 2), or Yamah AN1x - then get one of those, but this is truly value for money, especially considering how state-of-the-art the features on this baby were at the time. Enjoy!
  3. Keith -mhQnr

    Korg DW-6000

    I've since bought a DW-8000, so this one may not be hanging about much longer. If it gets lost or stolen before that, I will probably get a dW-8000(about $250-$400 US), since they are several steps up in sound quality and features, and easier to find. However, if you are a first-time player/user, you probably won't find a better deal for the money. This is an EXCELLENT machine to learn synth programming on. Do NOT pay more than $150 US, and even then it better be in good condition.
  4. Keith -mhQnr

    yamaha SY-35

    IF it gets lost or stolen, then someone owes me money! I and the person I lent this unit to have been playing this board for 7 years. I own a DX-7, DX-11, and DW-8000. The SY-35 is clearly better for realistic sounds. It doesn't do analog well, at least not by judging from the presets, although I'm sure it could if you took the time. I have to say that, for the money, nothing comes close to this synth except the Korg X5(very similar sounds most of the time). Many people may read this and have a good snicker because they had the US $1500.00+ to drop on all the latest synths(especially those Kurzweils), but seeing how synth prices hold up so well over time(pardon my sarchasm...)- I've noticed this $700.00 unit can still fetch $500.00 or more. Yes it has no sequencer, sampler, blah, blah, blah- and I've been notified that the piano sounds don't compare to the new Rolands, but this is value for money at it finest. This synth was instrumental(no pun intended...) in writing many fine compositions. It's probably much better for rock and the new metal that's coming out of Europe(can you say 'CREMATORY'???) than dance, but I couldn't say for sure.
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