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  1. It is very very sweet, and cheap, for a 5 string.I use it a lot, now. And my brother loves it. I think it's better in value then a P-Bass, and only marginally weaker in sound. I string it with a REALLY light set (40-120) cause I don't want huge calluses on my hands (I play really light guitar strings too) I really recommend it!
  2. This is Edward Ricart, from before. I just wanted to say that this guitar should have recieved all tens when I reviewed it earlier. It turns out the guitar CAN take strap-locks, you put a dowel in there and put the screw in that, and then plug it into the guitar, I had it done by my guitar tech. Also, the guitar perfectly suits all music. I don't know what I was thinking when I gave the guitar an 8 for action fit finish, sorry. And I did get a response from customer service, if a little late . I love this guitar, it's punk/ska finish, it's 60's knobs, and it's HEAVENLY tone. I was kind of wrong when I first reviewed it, because I got a Telecaster (Fender US) the same day, so it was overshadowed. Now, I don't put this beauty down. I worship it, and kiss it good night. I recommend the bridge pinkup (position 6) with a dirty amp (bass 5, mid 0, gain 10, treble 10) for a Blink 192 tone. I can't believe the greatness of this. I' have to go now, I'm just ranting.
  3. A main staple of my live show. A must, for all metallers and punkers who want a good distorted sound, while still keeping a pristine clean amp base to start from. Works with most pedals (minus wah wah, of course) and is best suited with chorus and eq. It is a great, non-versatile, pedal. An exception from most other DOD pedals (minus the buzz box) which are simply non-versatile and crap.
  4. I got this at an awesome price. I use it in my alternametal band much more than in my punk band, but the distortion with light octave is a winner for dual guitar solos. I really think it's a fun little box, and I prefer it to the Blue Box. The Blue Bopx is alittle more calm and predictable, this is more crazy and evil. I compared it to various octave dividers, but this is the only one that was as crazy. A collector's item, I bet!
  5. Very nice, practical, affordable guitar.
  6. This unit helps me do anything I want with my sound. I use other stomp boxes to augment it, but you can't beat the shimmering clean tones of this unit. It fits all styles of music. I wish the distortion was better. I compared it to plenty of other Multi-Effects units, but BOSS reliability, and the ease of use of this one won me over. The clean sound is AMAZING with tinkering. The ring modulator is delicious. To hear the ME-30 in action, check out my punk band on mp3.com, Porn Flakes. Just search for us after January 8th, and feel free to give us, and the ME-30 a listen!
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