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  1. As a guitarist for almost 28 years I was always interested in the music on the edge. I was involved in speed/thrash music in 80's went to the jazz/post hard core/rock and progressive in the beginning of the 90's, electronic/industrial/experimental and avantgarde. My web site is www.nonfiniremai.com. Fuzzwork Orange is a big part of my sound, definitely one of the best fuzz pedals in the boutique world.
  2. Ales-DGq4q

    Lovepedal Karl

    Brain busting and darkly seductive! Tom Anderson Classic, Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro, Hughes & Kettner 20th Anniversary Tube Edition
  3. Ales-DGq4q

    Sony HR-MP5

    O.K It hates hot signal but if you keep this in mind it's very deep and nice sound manipulator.
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