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  1. It is not a "Touch Screen". It is completely different. I have one and I really like it. Both the Continental and the Compact models are done well. The CX-3 emulation sounds good but its implementation is limited it terms certain Hammond features, like Chorus and Vibrato, Key Click, etc. You don't get a choice on the CX-3 emulation. Also the Leslie sounds OK, but there is no way to configure things like ramp up times or speed. The other sounds are OK but I don't really like to play electric or acoustic pianos on a waterfall keyboard so there are some limitations there as well. But at 16 pounds, I will work around these issues.
  2. Sonar to Logic Pro X. For the price, Logic is hard to beat and it is competitive with Pro Tools, feature wise. I think Apple will continue to support Logic for a while.
  3. Waterfall keybeds are important to some. The PC3X has a weighted action keybed that is great for piano, but not the best for organ. I have a VK8 clone wheel for the waterfall keybed.
  4. Farfisa Combo Compact and a Leslie 16. I wish I still had them.
  5. Roland VR-09. Good organ, many synth presets, really light weight, and decent electric piano sounds. http://www.rolandconnect.com/product_2013-01.php?p=vr-09
  6. I could not post from IE. Lets try Firefox!
  7. Still a little slow. I'm with Dave, I'll give it a couple of days as well..
  8. You may also want to look at a Shure KSM-44, in your price range. LDC, Multiple patterns, right for many vocalists, male and female, and it does a good job on acoustic instruments as well. Good luck. Rick
  9. Sonar 6.2 to released next week ... some awesome new features. Check it out: http://www.cakewalk.com/Events/NAMM07/default.asp Really! I've got it and I'm not impressed. It won't work with my FW1884 and sometimes it crashes upon booting. Three times last night it crashed just opening the software! I'm going back to Sonar 4 until they get the bugs out of it.
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