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  1. I own about 20 guitars including fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez, Bill Lawrence, Alvarez, PRS, Washburn and a tricked out Fender with a wide nut warmoth neck that was supposed to end all of this guitar buying. The Schecter seems to be my holy grail. I think I am done buying guitars now
  2. I bougt this because I lived in Nashville for 13 years and I needed a tele for demos. I was performing a lot in Columbia MO and there was a funky guitar store there - I forget the name... they have moved since and may be out of business. They had a lot of vintage equipment and some new stuff. I used to go there about once every other month for awhile. I saw two guitars called "Swampkaster" hanging. A blond and a sunburst. I lked both and preferred the look of the sunburst, but the blonde was something special. Even though my wife told me the month before "If you buy another guita I am leaving" I couldn't resist this guitar so I put it on layaway to hold it and pcked it up the next month...Great feel - fat neck - great tone - well put together (aside from the pickguard mistake). Quite a few nashville session players tried this one out and liked it. It weighs a ton, so maybe better for the studio than for gigs...
  3. Dean-255r4

    Washburn C5 ce

    I have always wanted a cutaway classical guitar. I started out on a Castilla (cheap) classical in the 70s. My mom bought it for me. When my mom passed away, I bought this as a present to myself. I figured I could use it for solos on recordings. Before it arrived, I bought a wall hanger for it. I figured that it would be a good decoy guitar upstairs for potential burglers (so the wouldn't look for my studio and steal my collection.Man was I surprised! I own about 14 stringed instruments - mostly guitars and I have played this one 10x more than the rest combined. I don't knwo what it is... maybe misplaced sentimentality... I'm not sure. I just love how it feels and how it sounds.I paid $100 for it on sale. t's a miracle - PLUS it has a shite pickup with a built-in tuner...
  4. I have owned dozens of guitars. I still have about 10: Gibson, Charvel, Fender, PRS, Ibanez, Washburn, Averez...I bought this guitar on ebay to use as a project guitar. I thought, "Maybe it's time to learn how to work on my own guitars." I figured I could re-paint it, beef up the pickups, replace the hardware... just for the heck of it.I was surprised when I got this guitar - it plays like a dream. The pickups are good. Nice 5-way transition from bridge to neck. The trem isn't bad - my inertia block is cracked so I am getting a new one. The switches are not so great - I opened up the back and took a look at the pots and it's no wonder... the soldering job is horrible - (as if I did it!). The guitar is made of plywood with a solid top glued on... Still, the neck is maple with ebony fingerboard and it plays really well. Mine is painted green with black platters - very 80's. I have come to love it. Needs some TLC - the previouse owner deliberately abused this guitar with a hammer and screwdriver. ASSHOLE.Might now be a top of the line, but sometimes you just luck out and get a good one. Like a dog from the shelter - it's a mutt, but I am going to lavish some attention on it. Recommended - especially at the price. $85.00
  5. Sampletank IS worth the money. There are a lot of great sounds and many good ones. The thing is rock-solid, and the effects are great.
  6. I am running PT 7.4 on a Macbook Pro dual 2.16. with Tiger. I opened Omnisphere with Stylus, Kontakt (which is buggy) Strike, and Reason 4. and it ran well - I did have some buggy stuff going on yesterday when I was trying to close PT. I also notice occasional buzzing sounds from Omnisphere. I probably need to run it by itself and record the audio, or maybe I just need to cofig my system better. I think that virtual synths are the way to go, and though my experience with them is limited, I feel that Omnisphere is a home run - well worth the money I paid. Especially considering how much I have spent on hardware based synths in the past - over $3000.00! I judge a new keyboard like this. A good keyboard will inspire you to create songs, a great one will also inspire you to create sounds as well. I am excited about making my own patches and beefing up my mixes with this synth. Wish List? A hard copy manual and a CD-rom tutorial.
  7. i have had a lot of trouble with this unit - I have called Digi a few times. useless. Now my free support is over and they will not talk to me unless I pay. I really wish I had bought Logic and never gotten back into ProTools. i have had to install a million updates and bu fixes, downgraded to Tiger, and I cannot smoothly use NI's Kontakt without a lot of trouble. For a company that is supposedly an industry standard, they are not so great. ProTools works very well if you happen to be using an older, approved operating system, version of ProTools and older virtual synth software that has been on the market for awhile. Just like McDonald's is not in the hamburger business but really the real-estate business, Digi is not in the softwar business, but really the hardware business. They REALLY wan you to buy their crappy hardware (or pony up and get the HD). with the speed and power of a mac 8 core, there is absolutely no reason to have to use any external DSP, and no other programs require it. I hate Digi for this (and for all of the trouble I have had with them and their lack of knowledge re other industry standard programs that should be able to work with PT). Buy a Mac - get Logic.
  8. Well woth the price - I looked at BFD, EZ Drums, Addictive and Stylus RMX. Since I was using PT I thought I'd give it a shot. I am very happy with this descision.
  9. I should not even say anything about this product since the people at IK let me have a free copy because I was considering repping for them a couple years ago (but i didn't have a laptop and my computer at home was way too slow) and they were kind enough to upgrade me for free to the latest version so that makes me kind of a jerk (but an honest one). I rely on user reviews at HC to help me decide on purchases, so i wish all people would do the same. i have heard complaints that it is a CPU hog. That CAN be true. Since there are a max of 5 effects for each sound (of 16 sounds per instance). if you pick effect intensive sounds for all 16, you could end up running 80 plugins within Sampletank alone. I was sure that nothing could slow my PB Pro down, but having "Strike," "Structure," and 16 channels of sampletank open plus a few plugins for audio tracks, i could really feel everything going into bullet time. if you have sampletank and are experiencing this, take off some of the plugins from the sounds. Many need nothing or just 1 or 2.
  10. I have been playing for 30 years. I own a 1978 Gibson Gospel (best guitar I ever played, A 70's Ibanez Vintage 12 string, A Daion Gazelle, A Alvarez Charcoal from 1974, an Ibanez Jem 7V, a mexican Fender Strat, and a Charvel Bass. I asked a lot of people about their purchases from Tony before I bought it and They all liked them. This leads me to believe that they did not know anything about guitars. The really sad thing about this guitar is that it SOUNDS good, by that, I mean the timbre of the wood. Unfortunately, after putting three months of inlay in the neck and on the back, some jackass cut the slots for the frets in the wrong spot and it hardly tunes up even at the bottom of the neck. This guitar looks great at a distance and has a great tone, is cracking to pieces, and has crooked frets so it will never sound in tune. Fatally flawed - Like a perfect woman who also happens to be a crack-whore.
  11. I have been playing for 32 years and I have played through all of the usual suspects, Fender, Marshall, Roland, the pods, the other virtual processors. I would hate to ever need the money bad enough to sell this amp. It's a one-of-a-kind. Big, fat, and clean (though the signal to noise ratio would probably improve with some cleaning and tube replacement.*UPDATE* Replaced a tube, cleaned the dials and got yhe reverb tank rocking - also I replaced the speaker with a celestion. Sounds great!
  12. Dean-255r4

    roland FP-3

    If the FP's were stolen, I would have a party. Then I would campaign to get Yamaha P80's or 90's. Much better piano sound, and NO problems after 6 months of pounding. I still have about 20 keyboards and I have had quite a few that I have sold over the years. The only thing that compared with this one in the key-breakage department is the Ensoniq ES-Q1. That one was horrible and the only way to fix it was to replaced the entire keybed (or break out the exacto knife and the super glue). Good luyck with this one. I guess if you are a 8 year old girl who wants a practice keyboard with a realistic piano feel, it might last you a few months.
  13. Dean-255r4

    Korg Poly-6

    If this thing had two full oscillators per voice instead of one plus the sub, it would kick butt. I wish they had made it with midi, but it came out just before the DX-7 started all of that. I love this hands-on keyboard
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