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  1. A TRUE GEM. I found this amp through an extensive search looking for an amp with a specific sound. The sound of this amp takes me there. I'm always looking back at statements made in advertisements of things I buy and compare the product for myself to these statements. In this case take these statements: "The most recorded amp in history" The sound quality, words cannot describe. If they could we would all be listening to lectures on the radio instead of music. The sound bites don't really do this amp justice. If a Princeton reverb sounds as good as the PR1512, there is no doubt this is true. Have you ever went to a recording studio and listened to a player and said "why can't I get that sound quality, it must be magic" Mystery solved, your ears will be stunned. Mine were. "Natural breakup and compression at reasonable volume levels" With this amp I hit the perfect low and in that moment just before I hit the high I say to myself its not going to get there but, it does and I'm just in awe. It will do this up and down the volume dial + master volume dial to make those tubes hum warm fuzzies. The low end is just incredible. If you are a lead guitar player put on some 11's or 12's and your bass player will struggle to match your tones
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