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    Ibanez V8

    [Comments] I intend on replacing this, so if someone stole it, preferably without wrecking the guitar, I would be forced to stop procrastinating. I have been playing about 15+ years. I can't imagine anyone using this pickup to replace another, unless it was another one that was not working. In short, this is no Tone Zone, but then again, nothing else too much is either. I would not own the pickup if it was not embedded in the guitar when I bought it.
  2. [Comments] I am very, very fussy about tone and now that I have found "it", I plan to put Tone Zones in all the bridge pickups in all my guitars. It sounds better, hotter and more vibrant than any other pickup out there and despite what a certain pack of idiots would have you believe, also works better for metal than the battery-munching EMG or any other active pickup. It is unreal how versatile and functional this pickup is. You can use it for anything from killer rhythm tones to seriously shredding, screaming solos. Night and day, the difference. The day I installed this thing in my Roadstar II and started jamming was one of the happiest and most satisfying of my life and those of you out there who live music will know exactly what I mean.
  3. KingMFD

    crate GFX212

    It was relatively painless to get an acceptable clean sound dialed in on this machine, about 30 minutes, which, considering how fussy I am, is somewhat of an achievement. The "dirty" sound I am still working on, however, partly due to refusal to do things the right way, it has taken me 3X as long and counting. This amp is both bigger and heavier than the Roc Pro and does a very good job of kicking out low tones you can feel, which will no doubt drive my bassist to drink. I have been playing on and off for 15+ years. My main amp, as noted above, is the Fender Roc Pro 1000 and will always be that amp, mainly because I have yet to ever hear anything sound better. If it was stolen, I would probably look for another one, but actually, probably any loud, dependable, solid-state amp would suit my purposes. As I said, this is to be my crutch if ever I need one, along with the Boss Metal Zone pedal I bought for the distortion simply because it won't fail me. As for comparison, I didn't bother. I saw this one at Guitar Center and bought it, partially because of onboard effects, which would enable me to keep the simple setup I insist upon, partially because of price, but mainly because I know I can count on it to do what it does, inherent limitations and all. It is what it is.
  4. I play metal, blues, rock and punk and it takes an unreal amount of playing with those shifty EQ knobs to get a sound that works well for all of them, but I'm here to tell you that it can be done. Sure, in conjunction with the Crate GFX-212, it will never sound as good as the Fender Roc Pro 1000, but it is making a fair simulation and as a backup, that is all I ask for. This pedal sounds better than every other pedal out there, at least all the new ones and is the only thing that even got close to the GP-100, the sound of one of the settings of which I was trying to find. If it was lost or stolen, I would get another because I know it will be reliable and consistent and behave as I would expect it to behave. As I said, I hope never to need it, but if I do, I know I can count on it.
  5. I would seek another one of these if I ever had need of replacing this pedal, but I wouldn't look too hard unless I also got a power supply. Man, this thing eats batteries. Sounds great and has stereo-outs, which is very useful, but given how much I play it, I almost think I would stop playing certain songs if I didn't have the pedal, rather than kicking Duracell's stock through the ceiling. I play mostly metal, but some punk, blues and rock, the last is the only rare time I use the pedal and it works well for what I want it to do. I just wish it was easier on batteries.
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