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  1. mike-Ji2jX

    roland SDE-1000

    besides the obvious factor like inconvenience, plugs in the back instead of the front so its no good really to place in a rack, its a great machine. keeper. reliable. VINTAGE! if you can get one of these for reasonable [like under 200] do it!!!
  2. DAMN STRAIGHT i love this pedal. ive had so many choruss... i love this better than any other boss chorus, or the dimension c or digital dimension... but i also love ibanez 10 series chorus..
  3. good fun for everyone. inspires me with its evisceration of my sound.
  5. mike-Ji2jX

    Boss DF-2

    i like some experimental noise or ambient rock... or just plain ambient. i like bringing this through an eq and cranking it up and getting all these little microtones from it. im selling it as im writing this, so if it gets lost it would suck because i want money for it. i love boss pedals period, especially these semi rare ones.. but i just dont use it enough to keep it right now, and theyre floating everywhere so i figure ill get one again at some point if i have the money and influence. i cant really compare this to anything except a distortion and ebow used together. i have composed some things with it, but not with the feedback. i prefer real feedback thanks!
  6. mike-Ji2jX

    Ibanez SF10

    these 10 series are becoming more and more valued, unlike one poster i read... they are in NO way undervalued, i dont know where he lives but 10 series ibanez pedals can go for the hundreds of dollars.. for forty i think its quite a steal, considering this is the best of the 10 series flangers [analog!!!] and i dont plan on letting go of my other 10 series pedals the delay champ, session man and dml20, dsc10.. though they look similar to L series they are different and in my opinion far superior.. and what sucks is people are figuring this out and charging on places like eBay far more than they cost to manufacture and way way more than retail value. of course they arent sold new in stores anymore, so even these things were made in the 80s they are now considered 'vintage'..heh. if you find a 10 ['power'] series pedal, WHATEVER it is, for a reasonable price, get a hold of it fast. theyre all great! in my opinion best series ibanez ever put out..
  7. was fun for one second.. cant recommend it, unless you have no idea about ring mods and dont spend more than 15 20 on it.. the thing goes for 100 bucks on ebay??? who the heck thinks theyre buying a weird alternative pedal for that when you can get much better ring mods for much cheaper?? terrible terrible pedal, sorry fellas dont fall for the weird knob titles. been playing for years. gets in the way of my music, doesnt add anything .. i got mine for 35 and even this was too much
  8. the options for the tone on this pedal outweighs the distorted aspect of some modes on this pedal..i love twiddling the knobs. ive owned this for a long time and i dont want to get rid of it but i have to use it with caution, this isnt a typical wah, or auto wah. it is one of the stranger pedals i own in that i can use it for a variety of instruments, and vocals.
  9. i just cant speak highly enough of this pedal... fat sounds. ive strung it through drum machines, guitars, vocals and countless other pedals and you can always expect a different set of tones to come from it.. very random and watery sounding at times [but not in a wild out of control way]. i love dreamy rock and experimenting with sounds so this has a very organic feel for some of the stuff i do.. i plug it with a midfi pitch bender, maestro octave box, roland delay rack, guyatone tremolo and ibanez 10series chorus and delay,or amdek phaser, boss rv-3 reverb delay and cs2 compressor +a holy grail + noise gate for some washed out tones. love the ebow with this thing as well. would definately not no what to do if it were lost, and always contributes to my musical inspiration. i honestly cant compare this to anything, and i think the price is fair for something like this.
  10. mike-Ji2jX

    Amdek Phaser

    simple, vintage, full tones, nice little design.. what can i say? i like it a lot
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